Where kiyani can get a free chest x-rays: a list of addresses

From October 12 to November 2, 2017 from Kiev and have the opportunity to be examined for a mobile digital photofluorographic unit. This is with reference to the Department of health KSCA press service of the municipality.

Schedule of work flyuorograf, October 12, can be tested in the outpatient clinic of the Center for primary health care (hereinafter – the POLICLINIC no 2) to Mira Ave., 19/18 (Dnipro district), October 13 – in the out-patient clinic â„–4 POLICLINIC for tsitadelnaya str, 5/9 (Pechersk district), October 17 – in the out-patient clinic No. 8 of the POLICLINIC â„–4 in a lane Lobachevsky, 2 (Dnipro district).

18, 25 Oct and 1 Nov free dosage will be available in the territorial medical Association Phthisiology on Vasilkovskaya str., 35 (Goloseevskiy district).

October 19 residents of the capital will be examined in the outpatient clinic No. 9 POLICLINIC number 1 on the Metropolitan highway 35 (Goloseevskiy district), October 20 – in clinic No. 3 of General practice family medicine POLICLINIC â„–1 on street of Electricians, 26-B (Podolsk district), 23 and 30 October in Kyiv city tuberculosis hospital No. 1 with dispensary Department of the Kharkiv highway, 121/3 (Darnitskiy district).

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24 Oct free dosage will function in the outpatient clinic â„–2 POLICLINIC â„–3 on the street Boychenko, 4-A (Dnipro district), on 26 and 27 October, in Kyiv psycho-neurological boarding school for Yunkerova str., 37 (Obolonskyi district), 31 Oct – in clinic No. 5 POLICLINIC number 1 on the Boulevard václav Havel, 7-In (Solomenskiy district), November 2 – in clinic No. 11 POLICLINIC â„–1 Pirogov Shlyakh, 148 (Goloseevskiy district).

To be examined on a fluorograph Kiev can be from 10:00 to 17:00. During the examination the patient will receive a certificate of results and if necessary – professional consultation of the doctor-phthisiatrician.

Total time of examination and consultation is no more than 15 minutes.

25 September 2017 it was reported that Ukraine has introduced an electronic integrated disease surveillance.