Trump denied reports NBC plans to raise the U.S. nuclear Arsenal

WASHINGTON, 11 Dec – RIA Novosti. The President of the United States Donald trump denied reports NBC plans to greatly increase the U.S. nuclear Arsenal and threatened TV channels difficulties with the renewal of their licenses for publishing false reports.

“The fake NBC News made up the story that I wanted to “tenfold” the U.S. nuclear Arsenal. Pure fiction for the purpose of discredit”, — wrote President in his Twitter by putting an equal sign between the TV channels NBC and CNN.

The President also asked the question: “given the flood of fake news from NBC and other channels when it’s a fitting moment to jeopardize their license? Bad for the country!”

On Wednesday, the NBC website has published based on anonymous sources, the article about that last summer at a meeting with senior representatives of national security President, trump announced his desire to “ten times” to increase the U.S. nuclear Arsenal. Present at a meeting at the Pentagon July 20, “long” and “sometimes hot”, it characterizes the publication, the meeting sources said that the President’s proposal came in response to a slide presentation about the progressive reduction of U.S. nuclear weapons since 1960-ies of the last century.

“Trump has indicated that he wants more headroom (nuclear warheads), and not to stay at the lower point of the curve,” — said the TV channel. According to him, the President also advocated the increase in the number of U.S. troops and military equipment.

According to sources, entourage trump, including the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and the leadership of the joint command headquarters, “explained the President of the legal and practical barriers to building nuclear capabilities and the extent to which the current military situation the US is stronger than it was at the highest point (chart possession of nuclear weapons, US)”, is spoken in the message of the media.

It is noted that after this meeting, sources heard the Secretary of state allowed himself to speak impartially about the President, calling him a “nerd”. Earlier last week a press-the Secretary of the Department of state denied information that Tillerson used similar vocabulary to the head of the state.