The owner of the submarine Nautilus refused to testify in the murder case

STOCKHOLM, 11 Okt – news, Lyudmila Bozhko. The Danish inventor and owner of the submarine Nautilus Peter Madsen, a suspect in the murder of Swedish journalist Kim Vallee, stopped to answer questions from investigators.

“He said he did not intend to talk to us,” said the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan, the head of the investigation Jens møller Jensen.

He explained that consent to participate in the questioning is voluntary and that refusal to communicate with investigators “does not matter”. “We have his (Madsen ed.), the detailed testimony given earlier,” said Jensen.

Madsen is under arrest until the end of October, he was suspected of intentional or unintentional killing of a Swedish journalist who planned to write an article about the inventor, and in indecent handling the body.

Kim Vallee disappeared after swimming with Madsen on they built the submarine Nautilus on August 10 in the evening. Contact with the inventor installed the next day, the submarine sank, but he managed to escape. First, Madsen claimed that the journalist dropped ashore in the evening on August 10, but later changed his story, saying that the journalist was killed, hitting the heavy hatch of the submarine and her body he buried in the sea.

Dismembered woman’s body was found after several days of search. During the inspection on the torso, the experts found multiple wounds with a sharp object, which appeared just before death or immediately after it.

Last weekend the 7th of October, the Copenhagen police reported that he found other parts of the body — the legs and head of a journalist and that traces of injuries on the skull there. Police have not yet named the cause of death, Kim Valle.

Sam Madsen said earlier that the incident is an accident, which greatly shocked him. The suspect also admitted the violation of the law “disposal” of the journalist into the sea. However, it has not yet been able to explain why the body of the journalist found dismembered.

After inspecting the computer and hard drive were in the Studio Madsen, there was found a video with footage of torture and executions of women. The police explained that the footage not filmed by Madsen and someone abroad. Sam Madsen explained that the computer does not belong to him and access to it were many.

Appointed it is judicial-psychiatric examination Madsen, its results are expected by the end of the year.