The League of Nations: national team of Ukraine will play in group b

After the Ukrainian team missed the world Cup in 2018, following its official the tournament will be the League of Nations.

This new tournament invented by the UEFA in 2011, which is intended to replace international friendlies.

According to the regulations of the 55 European teams will be broken into four divisions according to the UEFA rankings. Division a will compete for the title of champion of the League of Nations, and the teams in other divisions will try to rise above.

The League of Nations kicks off in September 2018, while the UEFA Euro 2020 – the only in March 2019. That is, the League of Nations – the first official tournament in which will take part the national team of Ukraine.

Each team plays in the group of the League of Nations for 4-6 matches. In September, October and November 2018 will be held two days.

Ukrainian national team will play in the second division, which included teams occupying places in the rankings from 13 th to 24th. This is Ukraine, Austria, Wales, Slovakia, Russia, Ireland, Sweden, Northern Ireland, Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic and Turkey. In the division there will be 4 groups of three teams.

In the division And got the first 12 members of the rating – Germany, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Iceland, Croatia and Holland. There will also be 4 groups of three teams.

The draw for the group stage of the League of Nations will be held on 24 January 2018. Then we will learn next opponents in official matches. When Russia and Ukraine could fall into the same group.

Earlier, Sports bigmir)net reported that UEFA approved the format of the League of Nations.

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