The BBC news director James Harding to quit

The BBC director of news James Harding is to be down in the beginning of 2018.

In a statement, said: “I’m proud of having worked for the BBC as we have renewed our reputation for responsible journalism.”

BBC director-general Tony Hall praised Harding, saying: “James has done an amazing job during an extremely complex and significant period.”

After four years in the role, Harding is leaving the BBC to set up their own news media communication of risk.’Different approach’

Announcing the move, Harding said: “even when we are pedaling in the wind” to work at the BBC was “rewarding and worthwhile”.

Talking about his new company, he explained: “There’s a bit of journalism of the BBC, for all its splendor, can not, and probably should not do.

“And that is what I want to explore: I’m going to start a new media company with a clear focus to the story and a clear point of view.

“I know that I will enjoy the opportunity to do more journalism of my own and, at such a critical time, I am seriously excited about the prospect of building a new incursion in the news.”

He said he was going to reveal more in the new year.

Mr. Hall thanked Harding for his service to the BBC.

“James has done an amazing job during an extremely complex and significant period of British and world history,” he said.

“He has led the coverage of the BBC through two referendums, two general elections, a surprising presidential election of the united states, not to mention a series of extraordinary events at home and abroad.

“In the years James has been with us has played an important part in the modernization and the change of the BBC, but beyond that, it has been a first-class colleague and a pleasure to work with them.”

A successor shall be appointed by the end of the year, Mr. Hall said.

Harding joined the Financial Times in 1994 and served as Shanghai correspondent, the media, and editor-in-chief of the Washington office.

He joined The Times in 2006 as business and city editor and was editor from 2007 to 2012.

Harding was appointed in April 2013 to oversee all of BBC news and current affairs programming.

The division’s workforce produces output across network news, English regions and the World Service group. Analysis of the BBC’s media editor, Amol Rajan

In an email to the staff announcing his departure, James Harding covered what all of the departure times of the messages should cover: your legacy.

Harding, who is – full disclosure – my boss, he mentioned that the emphasis on the slow news, the hiring of new talents, new language services and the launch of the Reality Check of the brand to address the challenge of false news.

Together, these add up to a large legacy. But Harding, as any journalist, you want to be remembered, above all, by the stories that were covered during her tenure.

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