Secrets of the Ukrainian “Peacekeepers”, or Why the hare had a wolfish grin

Damian Pobedonostsev, Kiev, exclusively for RIA Novosti

In the Ukrainian database “Peacemaker” was a Russian singer Nadezhda Babkina. From comments the singer flatly refused. The site archive was already thousands of Russians of different occupations, but much more in the citizens of Ukraine. If you’re Ukrainian and you’re in “the Peacemaker,” that you will chase, can go to jail without any evidence and even to kill.

How to create a “Peacemaker”, how it works and how to contact Ukrainian security services in the material, RIA “Novosti”.

“Scandals, shootings, provocations”

The notoriety of the “Peacemaker” received. Since August 2014, i.e. since the launch of the website on the Internet, there was published a list of “separatists”, that is, those who were against the coup that occurred in Kiev, and “agents of the Kremlin”. To last in those days ranked as those considered unreasonable from the point of view of Economics and politics to break off relations with Russia.

Engaged in segregation, the volunteers from the organization “people’s front” George tuks. The “separatists” and “agents of the Kremlin” the volunteers were determined independently and quite arbitrarily.

Here it is necessary to emphasize that in the first phase, volunteers tookie could make the list of “enemies of the nation” is quite Patriotic Ukrainians. Just patriotism, each had his own. “Chukovsky” was anti-Russian. And took advantage of the then adviser to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko, who in the autumn of 2014 he became a member of Parliament. So “maydanovets” Tuck methane in February 2014 Molotov cocktails at policemen, and an ardent Russophobe Gerashchenko, usedevice in those days in Kharkov, found each other.

And then there was the shooting. In April 2015, “the Peacemaker” posted on its website the names of former MP from the Party of regions Oleg Kalashnikov and writer and journalist Olesya Elderberry with a precise indication of their place of residence. Late in the evening of 15 April 2015 was shot by unknown persons near his apartment Kalashnikov, and the next morning at the door of his house — Olesya Elder. Killers Kalashnikov is not found, the alleged killer of an Elder awaiting their fate, being here for a year under house arrest. Where they got the address of Olesya, is still unknown, we expect that they will say in court.
The funeral of the directions in Kiev

But it is known that the victims of the shooting said the founder of the site “Peacemaker” Georgy Tuka. According to him, he’s not going to survive “because some two scum that are to blame for the war”. Although, for example, the Elder was against the war. A Kalashnikov is going to hold a peaceful demonstration on may 9 in honor of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war.

Career at tuks after the announcement went up the hill. He was first appointed by President Petro Poroshenko, the head of Lugansk regional military-civil administration, and later Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons From the leadership of the “Peacemaker” apparently, he walked away.

But in “website-informer”, as it is called in journalistic circles, has been actively involved Anton Gerashchenko. He announces some publications “Peacemaker” or, on the contrary, reports to Facebook about the persons involved in another “peace” of the investigation.

So, in may 2016, Gerashchenko announced that soon “the Peacemaker will see a list of journalists who were accredited to work in the DNR from 2014 to 2016. Two days later, there were lists with a full list of these journalists, who worked from their media in the Donbass.

Later chief editor of “the Peacemaker” Roman Zaitsev said that all the journalists accredited to the DNR, the accomplices of the separatists, as interviewed in the security services of the unrecognized Republic, which, of course, not true.

But then came an incident. The lists were journalists of all world agencies from USA, UK, France, Germany and Russia.According to the curator of the Free school of journalism Dmitry Raimov, Gerashchenko and “Peacemaker” has substituted 5,000 journalists around the world. “There is nothing shameful that journalists have received accreditation. This practice is almost every military conflict. But now many journalists of the world media simply does not go to the East and thereby will be deprived of the light of the conflict of objectivity,” says Raim.

For journalists stood up the Council of Europe, EU Ambassador to Ukraine, some MPs, lawyers of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada Commissioner on human rights Valeria Lutkovska appealed to the SBU with a request to halt the spread of personal data on the site “Peacemaker”.

The latter is especially important because partners “Peacemaker” on the website were specified SBU and Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine.
The building of the security Service of Ukraine in Kiev

And “the Peacemaker” closed. On two days. And then resumed work at a different location and without mentioning the partners of the security services. After a few days, despite numerous protests, the head of the national Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva has signed a letter of recommendation to all the organizations and enterprises of Ukraine to use the site “Peacemaker” for information needed to combat abuses in the financial sector, and on financing of terrorism.
“A specter is haunting the Internet”

Today the site, the fault which killed at least two people, and fell under the attention of radicals and nationalists of several thousand journalists around the world, periodically publishes information about individual Russian stars of stage and cinema, who was in the Crimea. A stay, “the Peacemaker” considers illegal.
Flowers and candles near the Embassy of Ukraine in Moscow in memory of killed in Kiev ex-Deputy of the Party of regions Oleg Kalashnikov

However, there is a certain predictability. For example, Nadezhda Babkina was in the Crimea in 2014, and the site appeared in October 2017. Just below about “the Peacemaker” don’t forget, he has to periodically remind himself in such a scandalous form of denunciations with the publication of personal data.

However, the part lists are not password-protected accidentally, and remains, supposedly available only to employees of the Ukrainian security services and border guards. Maybe they are not there at all. The chief editor of the “Peacemaker” Roman Zaitsev says they have 600 thousand data they share with the SBU. But it’s possible that it’s just a fake.

But everyone “Peacemaker” offers to inform (convey) to those who can be brought under the definition of “separatist” or “agent of the Kremlin”: neighbor, enemy, colleague…

On the site it seems not much is known.

First, it is neither a legal entity nor the media. Therefore, it is not subject to the laws of Ukraine, as, however, and international jurisdiction.

Second, no one, including Ukraine, it is unknown where the wording of the website, absolutely no one knows how it is funded.

Thirdly, nothing is known about those who work on the website, except the name of the editor-in-chief Roman Zaitsev. But it saw only one-the only Ukrainian journalist, correspondent of the newspaper “Fakt” Alexander Volkov, who is the chief editor of the “Peacemaker” periodically gives interviews.

Yet we know that the website changed the domain name: the first was positioned as the NATO website (which also turned out to be fake), then re-registered under a different domain name in Canada. The owner of the site seems to be is Oksana Tinyco, registered in Thailand, but about it nobody knows anything.
That Zaitsev tells Volkov

The most interesting from the point of view of the content of the interview with its chief editor Roman Zaitsev told the newspaper “Facts” Aleksandr Volkov. He tells how and who is fighting “the Peacemaker”, what the investigation holds. While rabbits constantly repeats that all the data, publishes the “Peacekeeper”, taken from open sources — from other sites, from media and social networks.

But that’s not true.

First, much of the information illegally obtained through the autopsy personal email or personal social networks of those who the website calls “the object of development”.

Secondly, some information, such as lists of accredited DNR journalists or participants in the referendum on the accession of Donbass to Russia (may 2014), is clearly obtained by our agents. That is stolen or redeemed by the intelligence agents. But something just started by the intelligence services as counterintelligence information.

The editorial team is trying to disguise his apparent affiliation to the secret services of Ukraine. For this information, which publishes “the Peacemaker,” almost always legendaries — wordy, and because it’s like totally unnecessary details of how she came to the site.

Why do we need intelligence agencies? The fact that intelligence information is usually obtained without a court order and therefore cannot be used in trial. But if she earned from the site “Peacemaker”, then the claims of those who stole, can not be present, as they are the Ghost of the Internet.
Vest with the logo of the site “Peacemaker”

For example, a few days ago was convicted of promoting terrorism the residents of Zhitomir, Dmitry Vasilets and Evgeniy Timonin. And the main evidence in their case was the information from the “Peacemaker”.

And the last detail. According to Danish newspaper Politiken, chief editor of Roman Zaitsev is a former employee of special services of Ukraine.

Zaitsev himself hides his face even on his page in Facebook. And none of my Ukrainian colleagues could not see, interview or know about it any details. Like Zaitsev’s not as if he is the same fake, like everything else in this “Peacemaker.”

However, he was lucky only to Alexander Volkov from the newspaper “Facts”, which took Zaitsev interviews. Yes, it is true, well, who can give an interview of one? Of course, only Volkov!

Although as a journalist of the newspaper “Facts” of wolves known only by the fact that the interviewed “peacemaker” Zaytsev. No other publications had not.