‘Russian spies used Kaspersky software’

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Israeli spies looked like Russian hackers breached the Kaspersky cyber-security software of two years ago, the american media report.

The Russians were supposedly trying to collect data on US intelligence programs, according to the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Israeli agents made the discovery after violating the software.

Kaspersky said that it was neither involved nor aware of the situation and denies collusion with the authorities.

Last month, the u.s. government has decided to stop the use of the Russian company of the software on your computer.

The Israelis are said to have notified the UNITED states that led to the ban of Kaspersky programs.

The New York Times has said that the situation had been described by many people who have been briefed on the matter”.Integrity is fundamental’

Classified documents are reported to have been stolen from the home computer of a US National Security Agency (NSA) employee who has installed Kaspersky antivirus software.

The NSA, the White House and the Israeli embassy in Washington have not commented on the matter.

The New York Times has said that the Russian embassy had not responded to a request for comment.

Kaspersky has issued a statement saying that it was not involved and not aware of the situation.

“The integrity of our products is critical to our business, Kaspersky Lab patch the vulnerability it identifies or that are reported to the company,” the statement said.

“Kaspersky Lab reiterates its willingness to work alongside U.S. authorities, to address any concerns that may have about its products and its systems, and asks relevant, verifiable information to allow the company to begin an investigation as soon as possible.”

The firm added that it has never helped, nor would it be of help, governments in the matter of cyber-espionage.