Russian authorities threaten to burn the American media in the “foreign agents”

Experts believe that the campaign of the Kremlin against journalists from the United States – is an attempt to keep the propaganda resources

MOSCOW — Russian officials have begun the most serious post-Soviet history campaign to pressure American media working for the Russian audience.

As reported October 9, “Radio Liberty”, the Ministry of justice sent the organization a letter of warning that the work of journalists in Russia may be limited. The letter mentioned other projects of “Radio Liberty”: channel “Real time” and the site “Idel.Realities”. In the document of the Ministry of justice, the Director of the Department for non-profit organizations, Vladimir Titov said that the Russian law “On mass media” envisages the possibility of limiting the work of correspondents from those States where restrictions on the work of employees of Russian media. Titov also referred to in the letter to the possibility of equating the American media to the “foreign agents”.

On the same day the Chairman of the international Affairs Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev said to journalists that the recognition of any foreign media “foreign agents” may not be held before the end of this year.

The next day, 10 October, the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov said the Agency “Interfax” the following: “the TV Channel CNN, which is registered in Russia as the Russian media, is obliged to observe the legislation of the Russian Federation on mass media. At present, specialists of Roscomnadzor check, does the direct and indirect impact of the headquarters of CNN in Atlanta (USA) to that distributed by the broadcaster in Russia, the product violates Russian laws. If such violations are identified, we will be forced to take action against CNN”.

Also on Tuesday, the Federation Council Commission for the protection of state sovereignty noted in his report that Russia needs to control the activities not only organizations but also individual citizens, “to Consider from a legal point of view, the phenomenon of participation in the process of external interference in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of natural persons who formally do not belong to Russian organizations recognized as foreign agents, foreign organizations recognized unwanted in Russia, but carry unwanted activities, and to prepare in that regard, proposals on legal response”.

All of these actions were a response to the demand for the company RTTV America, providing work for Russian state channel RT in the United States, to register as a “foreign agent” on the territory of the United States. While there are no official statements about this requirement from the us government departments, although it was expressed by several members of Congress.

Moscow sends mixed signals

Thus, Russian authorities contradict each other. Tuesday afternoon a member of the Federation Council Andrey Klishas said that the amendments to the law on foreign agents can be adopted next spring: “By the end of the year, the Commission does not just represent some sort of report about what she discussed, what information was summarized, but there will be several clearly formulated legislative proposals that we will offer to our colleagues. I think these laws will be adopted during the spring session.”

However, on Tuesday evening the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko claims that any instructions to prepare such amendments to the law no: “as long as there are no instructions on the development of such a law. Members of the interim Commission of the Federation Council (on the protection of state sovereignty — D. G.) studying the situation with the laws of the United States.”

Finally, on 11 October the Russian Ministry of justice declares that it has received the proposals from members of the Federation Council: “the Interim Commission of the Federation Council for the protection of state sovereignty and prevent interference in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation the Federal bodies of Executive power proposed to study the question of introducing into Russian legislation and the response measures targeted on discriminatory unfriendly actions against Russian media. The decision of said Commission to the Ministry of justice of Russia has received”.

In turn, Director of North America Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Georgy Borisenko directly threatened with sanctions, “Voice of America”: “There is, for example, “Voice of America”, which operates in Russia. Is the American radio station “Freedom”. Americans are many of these propaganda resources, which they actively use here. If it comes to any actions that hinder the work of the Russian media in the US, we will be forced to react on the basis of reciprocity. Opportunities exist”.

Dmitry Oreshkin: propaganda is the basis of the current Russian government, as well as the Soviet

Independent Russian political scientist, member of the Committee of civil initiatives Dmitry Oreshkin in an interview with the Russian service “voice of America” said that propaganda is largely the core, which holds the influence of the Russian government, and therefore advocates pose to the ruling circles of particular value: “the Main field which was now in the Kremlin – is the realm of propaganda, this Soviet tradition. The Soviet Union, in addition to propaganda, lost in all areas, in Economics, in culture, in demographics everywhere. But steps to promote strong he was the first to launch a man into space, for example. The fact that this was a monstrous expended funds – is left aside. The main media success. Propaganda justification of the faith in power is the underlying basis of all that was called the Soviet Union, and now Putin vertical.”

Promised by the justice Ministry and Roskomnadzor limits for the us media Dmitry Oreshkin he also predicted: “the Main has always been a struggle with alternative points of view. Of course, now – “light version”, but Putin’s regime is based on a television picture of the world. “We joined the Crimea, therefore, we become richer and stronger”. For this kind of political structures information is the most important area. In these circumstances, the most obvious option, of course, it is necessary to isolate an alternative source of information, which is the “Voice of America”, “Radio Liberty” and other “enemies.”

However, as experts say, the Russian channel RT and the American media obviously are at a disadvantage: “There is asymmetry, and asymmetry in favor of the RT, which is absolutely incomparable freedom of distribution. There is, of course, the radical difference in the presentation of information RT gives “fakes”, in particular, about five-storey Burger in honor of Putin. And when they say that Russia responds symmetrically, this is not true, because the “Voice of America” tells about these burgers, specially designed not any news that we can tell. And RT designs. It is fake, staged reality, as I understand it, and “Voice of America” and “Radio Liberty” saying that is”.

Conclusion Dmitry Oreshkin makes disappointing: “it will only be tightening the screws, because there are no alternatives left. Putin’s vertical is losing the competition with the “decadent West” in all respects, except two, propaganda and war. We can afford to ditch how many officers in Syria. No one will oppose it because it is a war. On the distant outskirts are protected from ISIS. Because, in all respects, there is a loss in economy, culture, demography… People leave, and must demonstrate the victory, you want more and more control over the information space, and the destruction of competition under different pretexts.”