Russian ad ‘seen by $ 10 million in US”


It is estimated that 10 million people in the united states saw Facebook ads purchased in Russia before and after the presidential election of the united states.

The company published the numbers in a blog as was seen more than 3,000 Russian bought ads to federal investigators Monday.

He said that most of the ads are focused on “social divisions and political messages” on issues like immigration and gun rights.

Russia has denied trying to influence the election.

Elliot Schrage, vice president of policy and communications at Facebook, said the company is “continuing to improve our techniques for the identification of the types of ads in question”.

In a previous post on the company’s blog on Monday, Facebook vice president of global public policy, Joel Kaplan announced that he too would be adding 1,000 people to its global ad review team.
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Those ads violated Facebook policies because they came from authentic accounts. Facebook said that many do not violate their content policies.

The tech giant, used to estimate the number of users who had seen the Russian bought ads, according to appear to have come from a Russian entity called the Internet research Agency.

It is said that 44% of the ads emerged prior to the elections in the united states.