Russia accused the United States in illegal military build-up

The defense Ministry said the actual location of its borders, the American mechanized division

Russia on Thursday accused the US of illegal building up their forces in Poland and the Baltic States, saying that Washington, without attracting attention, in fact launched an entire armored division in violation of the basic Treaty governing the relations between Moscow and NATO.

The Ministry of defence stated that the alleged violation occurred in September, when Russia and Belarus conducted a large-scale military exercises “West-2017”.

Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that in the rotation the soldiers of the 2nd armored brigade combat team was supposed to replace their colleagues from the 3rd armored brigade combat team, who had to leave their equipment.

Instead, said Konashenkov, 2nd armoured brigade, without attracting attention, was deployed in Poland, with his armor, while tanks and armored vehicles from the 3rd brigade remained and can be staffed with personnel from the American base of Ramstein in Germany in two hours.

“Thus, despite all the statements of NATO and the United States on “insignificance” contractible to the Russian border troops, de facto is currently being deployed is not a brigade, a mechanized division of the U.S. armed forces,” – said the representative of the defense Ministry.