Patriarch Kirill, on the eve of the anniversary of the revolution called on the society to learn the lessons of history, “not to step on the same rake”

*** The Primate pointed to the particular sensitivity of society to the personality of the last Emperor, as illustrated by the story of the “notorious movie”

Moscow. 12 Oct. INTERFAX – on the eve of the anniversary of the October Patriarch Kirill urged the community and artists to an objective assessment of historical events.

“History – very comfortable soil for ideological speculation, the creation of profitable myths – national and anti-national. When working with a story so easy to go into evil interpretation, even in small things. But for an honest man lies and deceit unthinkable,” the Patriarch said on Thursday in Moscow at session of the Supreme Church Council.

To prevent speculation on the subject of history, in his view, required acting with integrity and with facts. Also, according to Patriarch Kirill, to avoid speculation, “especially fantasies that are not just fake, but also able to hurt a huge number of people, as happened with the not yet released, but has already become an infamous movie.”

The Primate of the Church pointed to the particular sensitivity of society to the evaluation of the events of a century ago and the identity of the last Russian Emperor.

“The events of the twentieth century for many people is still a bleeding wound. Regal martyrs, the host of new martyrs and Confessors of the faith, hundreds of thousands of victims, destroyed the spiritual heritage, the expulsion of the intellectual elite of the nation abroad… unfortunately, these bitter pages of our past today often become the subject of speculation, including on the artistic level”, – said the Patriarch.

Recognizing that the artist has the right to fiction, he at the same time pointed out that “fiction and lying are different things”.

“Fiction is dramatic technique and as such enhances the audience’s interest in historical facts. Lying is not a dramatic welcome. Lie grossly distorts historical reality and deliberately leads people astray. It lies behind the propaganda, which has plunged our people into a revolutionary chaos, and then into the abyss of suffering. Is it because facing the country call Alexander Solzhenitsyn, “live not by lies” sounded so shrill and got such a lively response, and primarily in the medium of our artistic intelligentsia?” – said the Patriarch.

On the eve of the anniversary of the revolution, he called on the society to learn the lessons of history, “not to step on the same rake”.

“I hope that all of our memories about the events of the recent past, including in the form of works of art, will contribute primarily to reconciliation, not to serve as a source of new strife and civil strife, not to become a reason to insult anyone’s feelings and values. We all – believers and atheists, artists and photogenicy, conservatives and liberals – have come to live in one country, in one society and care for its integrity”, – said the Patriarch.