Man, stealing 215 million rubles from the evidence in the case of “God Kuzi” wanted

Moscow. 11 Oct. INTERFAX – police are hunting a man who stole 215 million rubles, which were kept as evidence in the case against “God Kuzi”.

“In the production of the Main investigation Department of the capital’s Central Directorate of police is the criminal case against 59-year-old native of Omsk on St. 159 criminal code (fraud in especially large size)”, – informed “Interfax” on Wednesday the press service of the Moscow Central Directorate of police on Wednesday.

According to the interior Ministry, the man produced a fake document on the basis of which in 2016 was made the decision on collecting in its advantage over 215 million rubles were deposited in the authorized body as physical evidence in earlier criminal proceedings.

“The decision about the involvement of men as the accused, he is wanted. His Bank accounts are discovered and blocked part of the stolen money of more than $ 85 million. Installed purchased and seized the suspect for the stolen money property,” police said.

The source of “Interfax” explained that the stolen money was kept as evidence in a criminal case in respect of “God Kuzi”.

As reported, the leader of the sect Andrei Popov, born in 1977, has long masqueraded as “Bishop of the Novel”, but being caught in lies, proclaimed himself “God” to retain its credibility among the followers.

In the Russian Orthodox Church has previously stated that the sect is damaging, as it actively apply methods of physical and psychological effects on humans, up to threats and beatings. The main income of the sect brings in the involvement of its members in the “Orthodox” exhibitions. Posing as representatives usually of little-known temple or monastery, its adherents suggest to people to order all kinds of prayers and rites.