Klitschko figured out how to solve the congestion problem

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko said that in the capital to solve the congestion problem, it is necessary to bring order to Parking lots, to create intercepting parkings and cancel part of minibuses.

He said this on air of TV channel Direct, reports the press service of the Metropolitan Chapter.

“First, you need to bring order to the Parking. It is no secret that often the curb of the busy streets of parked cars on both sides. Sometimes drivers leave the cars, blocking two lanes,“ said Klitschko.

The mayor added that in Kiev many roads not designed for such quantity of transport, because it was built after the Second world war.

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At the same time, the Verkhovna Rada already two years can not pass a law about Parking.

“Until now, we have no right to evacuate the car, to write fines to the irresponsible drivers who leave the cars on the roadway or the sidewalk,“ protested Klitschko.

As an example he cited the experience of Germany and the United States whose residents leave their cars at Park and ride car parks, but do go to the city center by public transport.

Also capital Chapter believes that in Kiev it is necessary to cancel part of buses that carry fewer passengers than buses and trolleybuses, but place a load on the road.

In his opinion, one of the causes of traffic jams in Kiev also include a large amount of transit traffic.

“We have all the cities built in such a way that transport through the city, must pass through the center, creating an additional burden and a worsening environmental situation,“ said Klitschko, adding that this issue is resolved.

Recall the Metropolitan housing and communal services continue to repair roads, which formed a long tube. Residents and guests of the capital are experiencing significant inconvenience in trying to get somewhere in the morning and evening in the area.