Jews celebrate Sukkot to commemorate their wanderings in the wilderness (expanded version)

Moscow. 4 Oct. INTERFAX – Sukkot commemorates the huts in which the Israelites lived after the Exodus from Egypt, will be celebrated on Wednesday evening Jews.

Sukkot is very rich in commandments. The most striking of these is the commandment of the four kinds of plants and the commandment of sitting in a tent, reminiscent of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia.

The commandment of the sukkah involves the need to carry out in a tent (Succah) of the meal throughout the holiday. Four species of plants represent different types of Jews. Connecting them together, the Jews declare the oneness of the Jewish people before Almighty God, before whom all are equal – the wise men, and simpletons.

Sukkot is one of three feasts that every Jew was obliged to visit the Temple in Jerusalem, where they offered holiday sacrifices corresponding to that day. During the existence of the Temple on Sukkot sacrificed 70 bulls for the number of the peoples of the earth. The purpose of these sacrifices was to atone for the sins of all mankind.

Congratulating the believers, the President of the FJCR Alexander Beard recalled the words of the Jewish sages that “one commandment leads to another”. “As you know, the holiday of Sukkot follows Yom Kippur, day of atonement, and it is customary to build a sukkah immediately at the end of the day, to be time to lay its foundations are a special blessing of the Almighty, from the day before”, – the statement says Jewish leader.

A. Beard reminds that the special Mitzvot of Sukkot – joy and fun, there are several reasons: “we thank God for His generosity, which has enabled us to gather a rich harvest, and enjoy “good press” which was sealed our entry in the Book of Life.”

In conclusion, A. Beard wished that all week in booths of the Jews was joy and comfort and that “this ease, the state of special spiritual harmony” did not leave them after the holidays.

In turn, the chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, in his address to the Jews recalled that the holiday of Sukkot brings people to the idea of unity.

“After all, if we look at the world without thinking about God, we will see only a huge variety of things and plants, animals and people who all the time fight with each other. It is a world of separation: where is division, there is competition, and where competition, there is the eternal conflict. But should we only remember that this whole world was created by God, created a plan and a purpose, it immediately becomes clear that the world is a unity that at the deepest level in it lies the harmonious truth of God! And since our Lord has set the task to reveal the Divine in the world – our goal of life is to really have this unity, to help others to improve their environment,” – reads the statement of the Rabbi.