Google disables the House Mini button function


Google has put an end to his Domicile of Mini speakers to respond when users touch them.

Permanently shuts off the activation key after determining that the sensors began to place a finger on the faucet were too sensitive.

The first users found that the pressure sensors were registering “phantom” button that turned them on.

This means that the stakeholders were recording all around them thousands of times per day.

Google said it disabled the feature of giving users the “peace of mind”.

Google Home Mini gadgets have been unveiled on 4 October in the framework of an overhaul of its line of smart speakers. The intelligent assistant feature, it can be enabled in one of two ways – either saying “OK, Google” or by tapping on the surface.

The problem with the gadgets has been discovered by the early writers and those who obtained devices from Google’s launch events. Approximately 4 000 House Mini-speakers are believed to have been distributed in this way.

The examiners were told that the units seem to turn on without anyone touching them, or talking about the “awakening” of the sentence. All recorded information has been sent to Google.

Google said that it has taken “the privacy of our users very seriously,” in a statement explaining the decision to disable the activation key of the service. It is not clear if the functionality will be restored at a later date.

The giant of the search said that he was going to apply the update through all of the Mini-speakers at the end of 15 October. Gadgets always responds to the voice and the volume can be adjusted by pressing the side of the device.

The Mini should be available to purchase from the 19th of October.