Ferrari raises uk prices of vehicles by up to 7% to 2018

Ferrari is going to increase the starting prices of all but two of their models with gains of up to 7% in great Britain, forming part of what calls the routine cost of updates.

Since January 1, the dealers in the uk for the Maranello car manufacturer is going to ask for 7% more in the V8 models and up 4% for V12s. The increase in prices will also affect the customers with cars currently on order that should not be to the production be before that date.

The increases affect all six of their road cars, aside from the V8 engine GTC4 Lusso T, while the brand’s racing car, the 488 Challenge, remains unchanged as well. The pricing for the recently revealed Portofino convertible, successor to the California T, has yet to be confirmed, so that the self-opening of the figure is also affected by the changes.

This means that the car cheaper to be impacted is the 488 GTB (above), which uses a mid-mounted 3.9-liter turbocharged V8. It goes up from £183,984 £196,863. Of the V12s, the lowest cost of the car is affected is the GTC4 Lusso (below), which now has a price of £240,402 £231,310.

Ferrari told the Coach that the increases were not related to the weakness of the pound or the economic uncertainty, but that is part of the regular practice of price updates made by almost all manufacturers.

A spokesman said that the uk was not subject to the last increment of Europe, which saw prices go up by 5% in 2016. The last 2017 the cost of the upgrade is in line with the rest of Europe, so effectively left British prices a step behind those on the continent.

“The uk is also the only market in which Ferrari offers four year warranties on their cars,” the spokesman said. “In all parts is of three years.”

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