Dolly Parton-to-read CBeebies story

Country music legend Dolly Parton is the latest celebrity to sign up to read CBeebies Bedtime Story.

Parton, who operates its own reading initiative, imagination, library, reading-Louise Yates dog Loves books, 25.October.

Dolly said: “the children develop a love of books from an early age is very important for me.

“I hope that my songs and stories inspired by the CBeebies audience. Thank you for me!”

The story you are about to read is about a dog who loves reading so much that he opened his own book – but no one is turning up to the Grand opening.

The Nine to Five singer has recorded a second story, even though it was not revealed what book you are reading or when it is broadcast.

CBeebies Bedtime Stories daily on the CBeebies channel at 18:50.

Other A-listers who have read the CBeebies Bedtime Story belong to actor Tom Hardy, athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill and Queens of the Stone Age front man Josh Homme.

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