Again, Bitcoin soared in price: its cost exceeded $5 thousand

The Bitcoin exchange rate resumed its rapid rise and has set a new record, surpassing the mark of $5.1 thousand, this is evidenced by CoinDesk.

The growth of cryptocurrencies support recent reports that the Chinese government can mitigate the recent prohibitions on transactions with the cryptocurrency, according to Bloomberg.

Also on the market positively influenced by reports that Goldman Sachs is exploring a potential trading tools in this segment. The interest of the Bank can raise the status of Bitcoin in the eyes of investors and enhance the degree of discussion surrounding the cryptocurrency, which penetrates deeper into the world of traditional Finance, wrote earlier Wall Street Journal.

Recall that in early September, the Bitcoin first reached $5 million, but within 48 hours, the cryptocurrency has experienced a double-digit decline in value. On such a sharp market decline affected, in particular, China’s decision to ban the purchase cryptocurrency at the time of their initial placement on ICO. Another possible reason is overheat of the market.