A teacher saddened by the fact that no TV channel advertises “Matilda”

Moscow. 12 Oct. INTERFAX – film Director Alexey Uchitel believes that the hype around the movie “Matilda” had a negative impact on the fate of the painting.

“Due to the campaign (opponents of the film – if) and some aspects that I don’t quite understand, (…) advertising “Matilda” is not on any channel. My questions are, why, we answer, and not received. It turns out that a partial, but a victory of any forces there,” – said A. the Teacher told reporters.

He recalled that the two cinemas refused to show the film.

“And not back (have not changed the decision – Interfax), although negotiations are still”, – said A. Teacher.

The movie “Matilda” in Russia caused a wide resonance even before the release. He talks about the relationship of the future Emperor Nicholas II and the ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya. Against this picture to actively serve the state Duma Deputy, ex-Prosecutor of Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya and her supporters.

The film issued a rental license with a rating of 16+, it covers the entire territory of Russia.

Previews have already passed in several cities of the country, while in theaters increased security measures. A special screening was organized by the culture Committee of the Duma; the deputies in General spoke positively about the picture.

The United network of cinemas “Sinema Park” and “Formula Kino” refused to show “Matilda” security reasons after threats from people who call themselves Orthodox activists.