Trump discussed with the security forces “response” to North Korean aggression

Meanwhile, off the coast of North Korea held joint exercises of U.S., South Korean and Japanese aircraft

WASHINGTON – While US President Donald trump speculated about a possible military strike against North Korea, its military, together with colleagues from South Korea and Japan staged a joint show of force against Pyongyang, including a missile launch as in the East and West coasts of the Korean Peninsula.

At a meeting with members of his team on national security trump discussed “a number of response options to any form of North Korean aggression and, if necessary, prevent a situation where North Korea will threaten the US and its allies with nuclear weapons,” – said in a statement by the press Secretary of the White house, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

“I believe we are talking about pre-emption of an imminent nuclear attack by North Korea,” said an expert on regional security Daniel Pinkston from Troy University in Seoul.

The white house announced that at the meeting the President heard the message of the defence Minister, James Mattis and Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff General Joseph Dunford.

The meeting coincided with two training firings of Japan and the Yellow sea, which held strategic bombers and fighters of the allies.

The Pentagon announced that the shooting was the first night of the joint exercises of the U.S., South Korean and Japanese aircraft.

In the course of this exercise two bombers B-1B Lancer simulated launch of missiles “air-land” over the sea of Japan, accompanied by two South Korean F-15K, and then flew over the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.

“Safe and efficient operation and night-time exercises together with our allies, are an important tool, used by USA, Japan and the Republic of Korea, and which allows you to hone the tactical skills of the pilots of each country, – said the major, USAF Patrick Applegate. Is a clear demonstration of our ability to carry out coordinated operations with our allies at any time in any place.”

The bombers of the U.S. air force and South Korean fighter jets then spent the second shooting over the Yellow sea, according to the joint chiefs of staff of South Korea.

“Such flights of bombers B-1 reflect the need for South Korea to more extensive safeguards to deter – said Pinkston “Voice of America”. South Korea requests to conduct more frequent rotation systems of strategic weapons in the area of Korea, and such exercises contribute to the execution of the request”.

Pinkston drew attention to the support of bombers, fighters F-15, “as a joint operation shall require the approval of South Korea, so we are not talking about unilateral actions by the United States.”

Meanwhile, the nuclear submarine U. S. S. “Tucson” had arrived at the base of Jinhae in South Korea. This was reported by the Pacific command of the US armed forces.

“Korean-American relations are very important, and our visit to Jinhae gives us the opportunity to strengthen the excellent relations between the United States and the Republic of Korea”, – said the commander of the submarine Chad Hardt, according to a press release from Pacific command.

On Monday, trump tweeted that the U.S. policy toward North Korea, which Washington spent a quarter of a century, were unsuccessful.

Two days before the President wrote in the same social network that Pyongyang violated the agreement, “when they are still wet ink, exposing us negotiators fools”.

“Unfortunately, only one thing would work!” – he wrote, without specifying what it is.