“They have very loyal!”

Wednesday, October 11, in Sochi took place the meeting of heads of CIS member States and Supreme Eurasian economic Council (EEU). And in fact — unions of former Soviet republics, the presidents of which, as in any large family, occasionally quarrel and fight. But in public, keep the face, carefully avoiding the problems in politics and Economics. And with one voice advocate for traditional family values. About what happened in Sochi, in addition to the official agenda, in the article “the”.

These days in Sochi it was possible to meet the President on the way to the gym or for Breakfast. In any case, the President of Moldova Igor Dodon. He took a room in a nice, but affordable hotel. To afford a higher category, as did the heads of other former Soviet republics, said he could not. The opposition in Moldova is so strong that it would cause a scandal.

On October 10 in Sochi residence Bocharov Stream Dodon came one of the first, was in a good mood and have listed the success: the supply of grapes from the Republic have grown by 19 times, apples — three, and the question of Amnesty for Moldovan labour migrants, there has been progress. But much more emotional he talked about the machinations of the opposition, which prevented all his endeavours. Actions (or rather, counter) of the government and the parliamentary majority he called provocations. Keeping in mind, of course, and yet another demand to withdraw Russian troops from Transnistria. “This is a clear provocation was,” — for emphasis he repeated the Dodon.

In Putin’s residence of the Moldavian leader was detained briefly, giving way to Alexander Lukashenko. A tuple of the Belarusian President arrived in Sochi under the cover of night.

But journalists on the upcoming dual play not allowed.

Still recently it seemed that between Minsk and Moscow is brewing another misunderstanding. Rumors about this indirectly warmed themselves leaders observe joint Russian-Belarusian exercises individually.

But in Sochi between Putin and Lukashenko no voltage was not. On the contrary, they greeted each other so warmly and cordially that was obvious — on the eve of their meeting was perfectly.

But perhaps the most pleasant for the Russian President was negotiating with the President of Turkmenistan. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said: “I think the media can probably show,” and got out carrying the puppy Alabai, holding it up by the scruff. And kept a confused puppy at arm’s length, like a trophy, until he caught Putin, pressed it to her breast and touching kissed the top of her head. “They have a healthy, but most importantly, very true!” — smiled Berdimuhamedov. Nickname the dog gave a promising (and politically too) is Correct. Realizing that made a good gift, Berdimuhamedov was shining.

Of all the participants of the CIS summit depressed looked only President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon. He had a family tragedy — the death of his elder brother. But despite the mourning, Rahmon came to the summit. Unlike the President, who was not with his hands fly to Sochi. First, on the nose elections. Second, to deal head-on with the President of Kazakhstan he did not want.

In early October Almazbek Atambayev to Astana accused of meddling in the election process in Bishkek.

Deliberately not noticing another overdue in the CIS conflict (apart from Transnistria, Karabakh, Ukraine), the participants quietly and routinely had all the necessary meetings, signed 18 “important documents”. Including, for example, “Statement in support of the family institution and traditional family values.” As it turned out, skepticism has been configured except Lukashenko. On the documents signed, he spoke disparagingly and was indignant: “we pretend that we are doing well and going statements do, and in fact the efficiency is very low”.

Lukashenko complained that some of the participants in favor of open markets, but in fact are not allowed each other to procurement in the public sector. Along the way, the President of Belarus criticized the process of creating a free trade zone: “Everyone knows how to work on the relevant agreement. Going experts take an old text, rearranging paragraphs and forward the document for consideration. After two or three months the situation repeats itself”.

Security issues in the Commonwealth and not “shamefully bypassed”, but because they “broke into our house,” and again criticized Lukashenko. And in the end generally relegated all the work of the CIS in the “sphere of good intentions”.

But the usual criticism of the Belarusian leader did not hit the General mood.

Talk about the positive dynamics segued into a meeting of the Supreme Eurasian economic Council. Which also sounded upbeat reports about the constructive atmosphere agreed position and outlined specific plans for the future. In addition, members of unions could be confident in the future: the chairmanship in the CIS definitely transferred from Russia to Tajikistan, and a joint Year of the family gives way to the Year of culture. There’s a Year of books will announce such plans at the Commonwealth in 2019.

Tatyana Melikyan, Sochi