The gun lobby is against a total ban on the butts to increase the rate

The national rifle Association supports measures to regulate the trafficking of devices that have used the arrows from Las Vegas

WASHINGTON – an Influential U.S. gun lobby, the national rifle Association (NRA), said Sunday that it will oppose a complete ban on the device to increase the firing rate (called butts bump-stock) that were used by the shooter from Las Vegas to turn your rifle into an automatic weapon and then to kill 58 people, shooting at the crowd.

NSA rarely supports new measures to control firearms, so her recent statement about the readiness to support restrictions on such butts struck the supporters of stricter gun control.

On Sunday, the NSA said that it was open to management measures, but opposes any legislative initiatives that ban such devices.

“We do not believe that the prohibition of anything ever worked. But we clearly stated that if something converts a semi-automatic weapon so that it acts like an automatic, these things need to be adjusted differently,” – said the chief lobbyist of the NRA, Chris Cox, speaking on Fox News Sunday.

Police said that the shooter, 64-year-old Steven Paddock, equipped with 12 weapons with rifle butts to increase rate of fire, allowing semi-automatic rifle worked as well as machines, the sale of which is banned in the US.

Cox and the head of the NRA Wayne Lapierre blamed the Bureau for control over the circulation of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives that it was under the former President, the Democrat Barack Obama, paved the way for the use of rifle butts to increase the rate, creating legal confusion in the question about their use.

Republican President Donald trump, whose party controls both houses of Congress, spoke in support of the right to bear arms during the election campaign in 2016. NSA spent more than $ 30 million to support his candidacy.

Several Republican lawmakers last week made it clear that they are willing to support restrictions on the use of butts to increase the rate. One of them was Kevin McCarthy, the second man in the hierarchy of the Republicans in the House of representatives, who said that the control of such devices is the issue on which Congress can make the decision.

But the whip of the Republicans in the House of representatives Steve Scales, which itself earlier this year almost killed when he played baseball, was cautious in his statements about potential new legislation.

“I think it’s a little early for someone to say that they know how to solve this problem,” he said, speaking in the program “Meet the press” on NBC.

“A week ago most people didn’t know what a butt bump-stock, so it would be a mistake to think that now we’ve all become experts and know how to write the law-a panacea”, he added.

Senator Feinstein: Republicans do not support my initiative

Lapierre lashed out at democratic Senator Diane Feinstein, which advocates for the adoption of a law to toughen gun control.

“It is necessary that the Bureau for control over the circulation of alcohol, tobacco and firearms was doing his job. It is a question of interpretation, and they need to do their job. But you can’t let Diane Feinstein to turn this into a semblance of a Christmas tree on Capitol hill, where she would lead all his circus opponents weapons that she is trying to do for several years,” said Lapierre, speaking in the program “face the nation” on CBS.

Feinstein says some Republicans have expressed interest in the bill, but no one expressed support.

“Nobody lined up” she said to CBS.

Some supporters of arms control, praised the NSA for demonstration of flexibility.

The “gun lobby for the first time showed a willingness to sit down at the negotiating table. I think this is partly due to the fact that Americans just don’t accept the situation when one mass murder after another occurs, and Congress does absolutely nothing,” said democratic Senator Chris Murphy in the “state of the Union” on CNN.

But Sunday the statements of the representatives of the NSA, in which they harshly criticized calls for action on gun control, suggests that perhaps the position of the Association has not changed.

“Once in this country there was the common decency, when people stopped talking about politics. Unfortunately, Diane Feinstein and Michael Bloomberg want to exploit the tragedy from the very first day. It’s a shame, but apparently it’s the new norm,” said Cox, speaking on Fox News channel.

Former new York mayor Bloomberg openly criticized the National rifle Association through her organization “Every city for the security of weapons” (Everytown for Gun Safety).

Investigators are still trying to understand what prompted the Paddock, a gambler and former real estate investor, retired, to commit the largest mass murder in modern American history 1 Oct.