The EU has identified eight thousand foreign fighters

BRUSSELS, October 11 — RIA Novosti, Alexander Shishlo. Member countries of the European Union has identified about eight foreign militants, said on Wednesday the European Commissioner for EU security Julian king.

“In the Europol database, made about eight thousand of potential “foreign fighters”, which identified and suspected member countries of the EU,” he said, speaking at the first meeting in Brussels of the European Parliament on control measures to combat terrorism taken at the EU level (TERR).

According to king, part of the militants, probably already died in Iraq and Syria, the other part intends or has already returned to Europe, and the rest intend to move to other regions.

TERR Commission, the European Parliament established in July of this year. Her mandate will last 12 months and, in particular, provides analysis and investigation of mistakes made during the implementation of measures to combat terrorism in the EU.