People pull against people who push For moving intrapreneural

For three years I was an entrepreneur. De jure. De facto I am the past 18 years. From that moment began producing rap group in the student.

12 years I was entreprenerus. Taken, working in recruitment.

A period of rapid growth entrepreneur in me came in 2009-2014.

Two well-educated cosmopolitan head gave me everything of value that can give a progressive corporate governance practices, as well as freedom and maximum support.

Then, after reading a lot of the business literature, I realized that their approach to working with me and my asset was a classic growing leader.

Why am I writing this?

And besides, that 5 years of work in the perimeter of companies, United Eastone, was extremely valuable.

They became the corporate vaccination, the effect of which is preserved today in the business already Ekonomika+.

Even obtained in 2010-2012 MBA gave me such a system as experience in a large structure.

The corporate world gives consistency, disciplinary, decreasing the level of Chaotica, inconsistency and the role of intuition. It gives the school a certain higher business flying those who are able to take it.

And I am convinced that corporate governance practices (relevant experience of the owner or CEO) is useful for any small and medium business.

That is why the big festival for small business from and Oschadbank, which will be held on 20 October in the “Olympic” (GET Business Festival), we as sources of knowledge for entrepreneurs invited people who have serious corporate experience.

80 topics, which became the basis of the program, collected on a survey of 400 entrepreneurs. And to reveal them only excellent professionals.

We, journalists, have their own view of professional expertise.

Know how to distinguish the real strengths of experts from diverse and multi-faceted expertise from nuggets-Amateurs.

We follow careers in the dynamics.

And the achievements we don’t need to tell you.

We choose those who have proven their worth. Repeatedly.

And the future of these people.

I have many colleagues have discussed and agreed that the sincerity and authenticity the new currency.

But not only it! Modesty, too.

People push will be defeated people pull.

The good old “modesty ennobles” is back!

And those who will come out on 7 scenes Get Business Festival, want to give, to share and to learn from their colleagues.

Wow! Yes, I will speak in his “Strategy” and then go listen to colleagues in the section “Finance”.

Look, cool! After your unit spend all day workshops.

And speakers for the mentoring session to go?

Here are the comments we received accompanying “Yes” to teaching the “little ones.”

And our speakers have opened our eyes to the fact that the idea and Oschadbank not only for entrepreneurs.

And for the enterprising, restless, interested and active people from business, the public sector and NGOs. Entreprenerus.

Come! Ticket price of 300 UAH.


Because the purpose of the co-organizers social!

The development of small and medium business in DNA Ekonomika+

But the Bank, aware that the country needs 2 million entrepreneurs, also spares no effort to “Buduj is mine”.

Tickets are already on sale

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