Microsoft wants to know about bought by Russian agents advertising

At this step the company went after Google discovered that Russian agents have spent tens of thousands of dollars on advertising on its platforms

Microsoft Corp said that carefully considering the possible purchase of Russian agents ads in USA during the elections on its search engine Bing and other affiliated products and platforms. Information about this appeared after rival Microsoft, Google announced that it had found such ads for their products.

A Microsoft spokesman said that the company has no other information.

Recall that Google has discovered that Russian agents have spent tens of thousands of dollars on advertising in YouTube, Gmail, Google search and other services, announced on Monday, the newspaper The Washington Post.

Apparently, the is published is not the company that has purchased advertising in Facebook, and it perhaps indicates a broader scale the Russian campaign to spread false information, the newspaper said.

Google ranked first in the world advertising on the Internet, and YouTube is the largest video resource.

Google, which is part of the Corporation Alphabet, has not yet commented on the article The Washington Post.

Previously, Google has downplayed the likelihood of deployment of Russian advertisements on their platforms, however, according to The Washington Post, launched an investigation into the matter. Social networks Twitter and Facebook, said that Russia bought the is and had the account on their platforms.

According to a source familiar with the investigation of Google, but not working in the company, she discovered promotional material, presumably associated with Russia, in the amount of at least $ 100,000.

Meanwhile, Facebook found sponsored posts in the amount of $ 100,000, paid only by one company, OOO “Internet research” (Internet Research Agency), the source said.