Media: suspect in the murder of Kim Jong-Nam “trained” on another victim

MOSCOW, 11 Dec — RIA Novosti. One of the suspects in the murder of the brother of the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-Nam, two days before his death, attacked another person in the same way, according to Channel News Asia, citing the police.

According to TV channel, the security cameras of the airport, where they attacked Kim Jong-Nam, two days before his death recorded as Vietnamese, Toan thi Huong approached the stranger from behind and started to RUB some substance in his face. In the same way and in the same terminal of the airport was later murdered and the brother of North Korean leader. Reportedly, a police officer van Azis said that the attack on Kim Jong-Nam was “pretty aggressive” in comparison with the case.

Last Monday in the Malaysian city of Shah Alam, the trial of the two suspects in the murder of Kim Jong-Nam. The court may impose a death sentence, Soan Vietnamese thi Huong and the Indonesian city Aisle that on 13 February at the airport of Kuala Lumpur and attacked a DPRK citizen with a diplomatic passport in the name of Kim Chol. They allegedly smeared the face of the Korean oil with dissolved components of a strong chemical agent VX.

In South Korea immediately recognized the deceased brother, Kim Jong-UN, who has long lived in Macau, China, though Pyongyang was never officially stated that we are talking about Kim Jong-Nam.

At the same time then the Internet was published a video of a young man, Kim Han-Sol, who called himself the son of Kim Jong-Nam, that his father was killed, and later the Malaysian police announced that DNA samples, the method of obtaining which has not been disclosed, confirmed the identity of the brother of the leader of the DPRK.

The defendants, Toan thi Huong (28 years) and city Aisia (25 years) don’t admit the guilt, claiming that they were hired ostensibly to participate in video lottery, and they had no idea who was the person who died from their actions in the airport of Kuala Lumpur. Suspicions during the investigation fell on the DPRK, which has been implicated in the death of Kim Jong-Nam, but Pyongyang denies it strongly, believing that the attack was fabricated in the campaign against the DPRK. Several North Korean nationals suspected of involvement in the incident, however, immediately left Malaysia. North Korea called the killing of Kim Jong-Nam is only profitable for South Korea. In Seoul there were the first reports that a Malaysia assassinated brother, Kim Jong-UN, after which he was accused of the DPRK. It happened in the midst of an investigation of a major corruption scandal surrounding South Korean President Park Geun-Hye, which is 9 December 2016 was declared the impeachment, after which she was removed from power.

Kim Jong-Nam, the elder brother of the current leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN. They have different mothers but the same father — who died in 2011, Kim Jong-Il. Together with his family, Kim Jong-Nam has lived in Macau and did business, moving away from politics. In one of the foreign television interview, his son Kim Han Sol admitted that he never saw his grandfather Kim Jong-Il or the current leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN.