When was the ‘zero hour’, it was time for the police to strike

Fadi Ibrahim, Michael Ibrahim — brothers and sister of Kings Cross identity John Ibrahim — and Stephen Elmir and Mustapha Dib were dramatically arrested by the police in Dubai, in the exact moment that their counterparts in Sydney and The Netherlands were taking others into custody and carry out raids.

“In the ‘zero hour’ set of the three countries, Dubai Police raided a restaurant and arrested the five suspects,” the Police of Dubai General Khalil Ebrahim told The Daily Telegraph.

The fifth man arrested was Hakan Arif, a Comanchero bikie. The men are thought to be in the underground cells of Al Barsha, famous for overcrowding. That means that the five men were jostling for space alongside dozens of other prisoners in stifling conditions. Temperatures have topped 40 ° c in Dubai, in the last few days.

You may not have too long to wait, however, as their cases are being handled by Interpol, that you should see the extradition to Australia completed in less than a week. Other cases can usually take up to two months.

They are detained on charges related to the alleged importation of $810 million dollars of drugs from The Netherlands into Australia.

The operation, which netted 17 arrests across three countries prevented nearly two tons of illicit drugs reaching Australia, police allege.

Michael Ibrahim is held in Dubai police station.

Fadi Ibrahim.

The haul, seized in the Netherlands in July, including 1.8 tonnes of MDMA, 136 kilos of cocaine and 15 kilograms of crystal meth.

More than 570 AFP officers took part in the dawn of Tuesday raids across Sydney, seizing $5.45 million that the police allege was the proceeds of crime. The drugs seized had an estimated street value of $810 million, police said.

John Ibrahim will not be facing any charges.

Meanwhile, more details have emerged of the names allegedly used by some of the members of the union, as they allegedly discussed drug deals worth millions of dollars.

The Daily Telegraph reported some of the detainees were heard with names like “Barbiedoll” “Staypaid” “Blackknight” “BabyG” and “Mr Millionaire” on encrypted Blackberries. Police allege other names used include reference to the way in which is going to bring the drugs into the country without continuous detection of the uses of the word “door”.

Yesterday, Sarah Budge, John Ibrahim and model of the bride and his son were released on bail after the police raids.

Sarah Budge has been released on bail.

Mr. Ibrahim, the son of Daniel Taylor, 26, appeared via audio visual link in Central Local Court on Wednesday, accused for his alleged involvement in the transfer of $ 2.25 million for the purchase of tobacco.

Sarah Budge, 27, also appeared through the AVL in firearms and ammunition charges. The commonwealth attorney did not oppose the bail for the couple, which was granted with strict bail conditions by the Magistrate Clare Farnan.

Budge must surrender his passport, not leave NSW, or go within 500 metres of an international point of departure, report to police three times a week and hand over $50,000 of security.

Taylor, who has already given the police his passport, he must surrender his phone, not leave NSW, or go within 500 metres of an international point of departure, and the report of the police on a daily basis.

Your family will deposit a total of $630,000 of security.