Renault invests in EV sustainability with innovative smart charge company

Renault has taken a further step in the direction of a complete ecosystem of services around the electric cars by investing in a fast-growing smart-charging company.

The French car has vehicles purchased Bauer, 25% of the Jedlix, with a two-year-old start-up with headquarters in the Netherlands, the Integration of innovative and sustainable charging technology in the ownership experience of electric, the Renault the leading European manufacturers.

The technology is able to manage intelligently the flow of energy to and from a car battery if it is plugged into a wall charger, where the energy is during the cheapest and most sustainable hours, as in the case of the renewable energy supply at its peak.

During less-effective hours, the technology to restrict or even to stop, deliver, depending on when the car is needed for the next. He knows this thanks to the use of a app called called, for example, E-Smart charging station, Renault has just with Jedlix that the control over the flow of energy, allowing the vehicle to a predetermined minimum amount to a specific point in time.

Renault’s senior vice president of E-vehicles, Gilles Normand, said Jedlix the technology will allow Renault to “offer new services to the shop – and, therefore, the use of electric vehicles even more simple and affordable”. It is also Renault will expand the range in the EV market to continue to prepare, as the brand bids for what the industry experts say, is a fast approach to EV ‘tipping point’.

Ruben Benders, managing Director of Jedlix added that the Renault investment in the company will ensure that faster growth in Europe “to have the best possible smart charging service”.

The Renault-part-takeover of Jedlix follows the launch of a completely new brand called Renault Energy Services. The company itself will be described by the car manufacturer “as a start-up”, will invest in projects to increase the uptake of smart-car-charger for electric cars, the use of their ability to contribute to the electricity grid.

The plans come in addition to £8.9 billion in the value of investments, the share of the other Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance in electric and Autonomous cars, with any business, the technology and knowledge in a bid to ramp up the progress and increase economies of scale. The group, called the Alliance for the 2022 targets of the sale of nine million new vehicles by the year 2022.

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