Pujdeme stated that Catalonia was granted the right to independence

MADRID, October 10 — RIA Novosti. The Prime Minister Carles Putteman, speaking to the Catalan Parliament, said that the region “has received the right to become an independent state in the form of Republic”.

“Millions of citizens believe that the only way to save self-government to Catalonia became a state,” he said.

He urged parliamentarians to suspend the Declaration of independence and negotiate with the authorities. In his opinion, “the results (of the referendum-ed.) should be taken into account during the dialogue (with the Spanish authorities-ed.) that we are willing to take”.

On Tuesday, the head of Generalitat Carles Pujdeme presented to the Parliament of Catalonia the results of the referendum on independence, which took place in the Autonomous community of 1 October. This referendum is not recognized by the Spanish authorities. According to the Catalan authorities, voted for independence 90,18%, the turnout was 43,03%. The red cloth independence