Microsoft axes the Groove Music service


Microsoft is to close its last remaining music streaming and download service, Groove to the Music.

From the 31st of December, customers will not be able to buy music, downloads, streaming and subscriptions end.

People will be asked to move your music collection on Spotify, while eligible Groove Music Pass subscribers will be offered a 60-day free trial of Spotify’s premium tier.

Microsoft has thanked customers for their “support in this way.”

The company has struggled to create a music service to match the popularity of competitors such as Spotify, Google Play Music and Apple’s iTunes.

The Groove of the Music it was his last attempt, which has replaced the Xbox Music service when it was launched in the month of July 2015.

I also replaced Microsoft’s older Zune music service, left by his attempt to rival the iPod music player.

Leave Microsoft be without its own-brand music solution.’Wasted effort’

“The killing of the Groove is the worst thing that could happen, as a consumer who has tried to be all-in with Microsoft. That the dream is over,” said Zac Bowden from the news site of Windows in the Central area, on Twitter.

“Without services for consumers, how does Microsoft expect people to ‘love Windows’, as they originally wanted?”

However, others said Groove Music had always struggled to match the services offered by competitors.

“I don’t know why anyone has never used the Groove of the Music. Spotify has always been far superior. Microsoft has wasted money and effort for years here,” said Tom Warren of the tech news site the Verge, on Twitter.

Announcing the closure of Groove Music, Microsoft has said that customers wanted access to the best streaming services, the largest catalog of music, and a variety of subscriptions”.

Spotify has been added to the Xbox One platform in the month of August, opening the way for Microsoft’s home-grown service must be closed.

The company said that the Groove app on Windows 10 should continue to operate as a media player app for the songs that have already been downloaded.