Co-owner of the WWE was in the hospital by jumping on the opponent with a 12-meter height

DETROIT, October 10 — RIA Novosti. Wrestler and WWE co-owner Shane McMahon was in the hospital with multiple injuries after he jumped on an opponent from a height of 12 meters. About it reports The Mirror.

The incident occurred during combat SmackDown LIVE in Detroit, USA. The video shows 47-year-old McMahan, crossing, jumping from special cells on the fighter nicknamed El Generico lying on the table, but he at the last moment dodges.

“A member of fight LIVE SmackDown, Shane McMahon was hospitalized after the jump with the “Cage of Death” on the table. He was diagnosed with multiple injuries, including broken ribs, neck injury, dislocated shoulder,” said the company WWE, who organized the fight.Last year, McMahan performed a similar trick, however, at the time of injury was avoided.