What do the billionaires more money

According to a study at Princeton University, the perfect income in the US is only $75 000 a year. Anything beyond that is no guarantee of emotional well-being!

According to the list of the richest people in China, the five leaders owns the same capital as and Microsoft. But it has not brought them happiness. For example, 35% of women millionaires in China are either divorced or not married. This is double their male counterparts.

Want to know what you want billionaires? Here are some of their suggestions, collected Lifehack:

1. They want a genuine human communication.

Carl Rabeder was once a millionaire but gave away all his money, because it made him unhappy. He sold everything, gave the money to charity and now lives in a modest mountain Chalet in Austria. In addition to the Chalet, he kept a small apartment in Innsbruck.

He decided to do it because I felt that the rich lifestyle was counterfeit, and he could not communicate with people in the real world. He also felt guilty when I saw the poverty. He could not help thinking that in some way contribute to the inequality of the world. Now he is much happier.

2. They want their life had meaning and purpose.

I have all the money that I could ever dream of, but in life I don’t care (Anonymous Australian millionaire).

This millionaire used the services of a therapist, because his life had meaning and purpose. He had no more pleasure from your relationships, Hobbies, and participation in the community. After several months of therapy he felt happier. He learned to restore contact with nature, to appreciate time with family and participate in social work. He felt less broken than before, and again began to enjoy life.

3. They want that their life was privacy and confidentiality.

Juan Rodriguez regrets winning the lottery because now he can’t go out without meeting people who either need him, or want to borrow money from him. He may not enjoy privacy when out on the street, and his life became very boring, because his communication is limited to dogs. He doesn’t trust even his family.

Financial consultants say that people who have received sudden wealth, are rarely able to cope with it.

4. They would like to take better care of loved ones.

Money will not change how healthy you are or how you like (Warren Buffett).

Many self-made millionaires are surprised that something went wrong. They seem to have lost much while you were busy making money. They have forgotten how it is to live a full life and take care of their loved ones. When they reached the status of super rich and famous, suddenly found that their life was empty. Says Warren Buffett, the most important assets we possess are our families, friends and partners.

5. They want to be able to trust more people.

Millionaires have nothing to worry about and, first and foremost, about who you can trust. Their friends may be hangers-on, and the kids can waste as waste. Alan Nunn won the lottery and, in principle, satisfied with what his life has become more active and significant. But he worried all the time about who can be trusted. Even his sister, who he loves, doesn’t trust Alan.

6. They’re worried about their safety.

Many millionaires are spending large sums on ensuring their security and protecting their loved ones. They live in fear and are afraid of robbery, violence, theft, not to mention the kidnapping. A resident of Sicily was happy when I won £79 million in the Italian lottery. But in consequence risen fuss, her identity was revealed. The woman went into hiding from fear of meeting with the mafia.

7. They want to work.

Millionaires don’t need to think about how to provide for themselves, to build a career… They can afford everything you want. In the end this situation can badly affect self-esteem. A person does not feel that is seeking new heights. In fact, you feel like a fraud (Sarah Robin, a former millionaire).

Sarah Robin has inherited a huge fortune. At the University she already had a car and many people have asked Sarah to drive them to school, to clubs and on dates. The girl could not refuse because of feelings of guilt for their “special” position. One day came the moment when Sara realized that she didn’t want to use inheritance. She would like to build their lives and livelihoods, leaving nothing. She decided to create a bike co-op, and then gave his entire fortune to charity.

8. They want to enjoy the moment.

Did you know that 15.5% of Singapore residents are millionaires? In the US the figure is only 4.5%, Switzerland at 9.9%. Interestingly, Singaporeans are among the most unhappy people in the world, and they are in the list, behind such countries as Iraq, North Korea and Afghanistan.

The problem faced by many millionaires, is that they can’t abandon their desire to invest and save money or give them to charity. They think it’s the way to happiness and that long trip ahead. They are so obsessed with the process that I can’t enjoy the normal pleasures of life.