Trump laid out the conditions for the approval of the law on the fate of the “dreamers”

Requires the President to narrow the circle of recipients of a residence permit and to simplify the procedure of deportation of some illegal immigrants

WASHINGTON – the Administration of trump on Sunday published a list of strict priority in the field of immigration, which could undermine efforts to protect from deportation hundreds of thousands of young immigrants, many of whom were brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

Requirements include a radical overhaul of the system of issuing residence permits (green cards), employment of 10 thousand additional immigration service staff and construction promised by President Donald trump wall on the southern border of the country. Democrats openly declare that they will not discuss many of the items on the list.

But administration officials trump saying that the President will insist on their approval in exchange for support of the bill on the extension of the program of deferred action for arrivals children in the United States.

“These priorities are essential to reduce the legal and economic consequences of granting any concessions or status of Program participants, pending actions, – told reporters the Director of the White house on legislative matters mark Shorts. – We ask that these reforms were included in any legislation relating to the status of participants of the program”.

Program enacted under President Barack Obama defended hundreds of thousands of young people from deportation and allowed them to legally continue working in the United States. In September, trump announced the gradual discontinuation of the program, but gave Congress six months on the development of legislative solutions to remedy the situation.

The administration, in particular, requires you to obtain a green card based on family ties could only spouses and minor children of American citizens and holders of a residence permit. In addition, it insists on creating an immigration system based on points.

The white house also said it wants to increase fees at border crossings, to simplify the deportation of gang members and unaccompanied children, and to revise the asylum system. In addition, it requires new measures to combat the “cities of refuge” that do not share information with Federal immigration authorities.

Democrats: the requirements are beyond reasonable

Democrats are strongly opposed to many requirements of the list administration.

In a joint statement, the democratic leader in the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi and her colleague in the Senate Chuck Schumer said that the requirements “go far beyond reasonable” and “not an attempt to reach a compromise”.

“The administration can’t talk seriously about compromise or relief to “dreamers” (Program participants pending actions – ed.) if it begins with a list, betraying anathema “dreamers”, immigrant community and a significant majority of Americans,” they wrote.

“If the President is serious about protecting “dreamers”, his machine is not made good faith efforts to do so,” they added.

The democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro accused the administration of trying to “use “dreamers” as leverage in the negotiations to achieve the purposes of administration deportations and detentions.”

“Congress should reject this perverted list of policy suggestions, directed against immigrants, he said. Immigrants are people. We need to have a policy in which they will be treated like people.”

The representative of the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan Doug Anders said that the working group of the chamber on immigration will review the list and consult with the Republican legislators and the administration.