The hackers could gain access to phone White house chief of staff

According to Politico, personal smartphone John Kelly could be hacked back in December last year

Personal mobile phone of White house chief of staff John Kelly in December of last year might have been compromised by unknown hackers.

According to the newspaper Politico, the official appealed to the IT Department of administratie, complaining malfunctions of the telephone, and ask to test the device.

After checking the experts came to the conclusion that the smartphone was hacked by unknown hackers, and can no longer be used. When it was hacking, not reported, but, according to the newspaper, cyber criminals were able to access information that was presented to Kelly as head of homeland security.

The administration became aware of the incident of the letter was circulated in the White house in early October of this year.

Officials told Politico that as of January 2017 John Kelly did not use lichy phone, receiving a secure unit.