Pacifists celebrated the 16th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan

Last weekend was sixteen years from the beginning of the war in Afghanistan. The end of the war not yet seen. This non-circular, but quite impressive the anniversary coincided with the demonstrations and pickets of pacifists that have passed in many U.S. cities. The new York correspondent of Russian service “voice of America” Mikhail Gutkin has been at an antiwar rally in Manhattan.

Demonstration and rally against the “endless wars” were held in several pacifist organizations, including the “League of resistance to the war”, the Party “green”, “Veterans for peace” and others. The protesters pointed to the fact that the war in Afghanistan has become the longest in U.S. history, and with the conflict in Iraq cost the United States seven thousand lives of American soldiers and six trillion dollars. And this is not the only armed conflicts that have been or are still involved the United States. According to the veteran anti-war movement, Kathy Kelly, two years ago she knew nothing about the conflict in Yemen. Today, activists trying to draw attention to the war in this country, where civilians suffer, while the US (and now Russia) and sell weapons to Saudi Arabia.

That’s what tells Kathy Kelly, coordinator of the organization “Voices for creative nonviolence”: “the Us Congress has allocated seven billion dollars to the Ministry of defense on weapons systems for the war. When it comes to such amounts, a lot of people interested in the continuation of the war. This, of course, a terrible tragedy, especially for the inhabitants of those countries where there are wars. In the person of President trump, we received a very reckless commander. And it is very difficult to draw public attention to the consequences of our wars.”

According to activists, with 2011 as a result of armed conflicts in the middle East killed one million three hundred thousand people. Participating in “Brigade, grandmothers for peace” concerned that in that time, as the military budget grows, funding for social programs is shrinking.

Barbara Harris from the “gang of grandmothers for peace” notes that President trump has raised the military budget by $ 92 billion and cut the budget for education to 8 billion. “What is he saying to us? – outraged Barbara. – He didn’t care about the education of our children. It reduces funding for various school programs for the sake of our armed forces were the most powerful in history. This is a concern for all the grandmothers.”

Barbara Harris and the other grandmother are quite pessimistic. However, the coordinator of peace movement “Voices for creative nonviolence” Kathy Kelly, three times nominated for the Nobel peace prize, encouraged by the fact that as recently as last week this award was given to the movement “the international campaign to ban nuclear weapons.” “I think we have a good reason not to lose hope. “The international campaign to ban nuclear weapons” long and persistently sought recognition and authority. I think we are starting to see a shift in the perception of the war. We must all exert maximum effort in this direction. Now is the best time for that.”

Maybe that is guided by the hope Cathy Kelly has renamed its pacifist organization, which used to be called the “Voice crying in the wilderness”.