Increase of thugs that scare the Bra Boys

Now fear that global success has helped spawn a new generation of young thugs, who saw in its place a tribute to the violence.

Russell Crowe flanked by Bra Boys figureheads Koby Abberton (left) and Sunny Abberton at the premiere of the documentary Bra Boys at the State Theatre in Sydney.

The concerns come after the self-proclaimed Bra Boy Ray Travers, for 20 years, and his brother Jacksun, 18, were arrested June 27 and charged for the murder of Peter Hofmann, 68 found dead, stabbed to death in the Ford Laser he called to his house in a Maroubra street.

The new generation are made of ice and powered by the adolescents and young people whose vandalism and the marathon of debauchery shocks even Bra Boys veteran, is no stranger to the cuffs, the machismo and hedonistic excess.

And the Bra Boys leaders are angry at these new aspirants to outlaws” are claiming affiliation or membership of your group and sport the gang’s trademark of “My brother’s keeper” tattoo of a bow on the chest or stomach.

The lord Hofmann’s murder once again push the Fastener of the Children in the headlines 10 years after the band formed in 1990 — found global fame through the controversial documentary.

“We are cautious of these guys that come through that you are receiving the tattoos and the use of his name.”

Koby Abberton, the charismatic founder and “face” of the Bra Boys, and a member of the core John Gannon — the two stars of the film — to deny the Travers brothers are affiliated with your group.

They are concerned that other young men are part of a “rogue” fringe group of negotiation on the Bra Boys name.

According to Gannon, some of these young people are major consumers of easy access to drugs and have a much more violent streak. He fears are on the rise.

“These guys are on a level of vandalism that you did not see it again in our days,” says Gannon, now a coach, who was a key member of the group throughout the years ’90 and 2000.

A road tribute to the murdered homeless man Peter Hofmann, who was killed while living in his car.

Peter Hofmann was found stabbed to death.

The Fastener of the Children, Gannon, said, “there were angels”, but “this goes far beyond what I used to do”.

“This is gutless, shocking things,” he says. “It is not what we are. And we have to take care of these guys that come through that you are receiving the tattoos and to use the name.

“We want to move away from the vandalism things.

“It’s not really what we want to be”.

Abberton also denies any Bra Boys link to Peter Hofmann’s death.

“It has nothing to do with us,” he said when contacted at his home in Bali, last week.

Central Bra Boys member Mark Mathews, who has forged a career as a big wave surfer and motivational speaker, recently criticized what he called a “gap” in Maroubra that says that occurred shortly after the release of the documentary.

Ray Travers (right) with the My Brother’s Keeper tattoo has been used by many Bra Boys, who along with brother Jacksun has been accused of Peter Hofmann murder.

“Began to be about drugs and violence,” Mathews said in a recent interview with Stab surfing magazine.

“If it wasn’t proving himself to fight, he was demonstrating how much time could bend, how many nights you could stay, how many medications that you can take, and that when separated,” he says.

He believes that the documentary “gave a message which was very good and was multicultural … but I also think it made the young generation of children who grow up here think it was all about the fight in Maroubra and causing problems. So many children wanted to be Bra Boys, due to how famous the doco was. Which part of that was kind of the shit.”

Gannon is in accordance with the destigmatisation of ice is readily available and cheap — has caused immeasurable damage to the area.

“When we were coming through, the heroine was this big, serious drug and, if what you did was a drug addict, basically,” he says.Bra Boys trailer2:34

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