In Palestinian society see political overtones in the message about the opening of “new relics” of Saint Nicholas in Turkey

Moscow. 6 Oct. INTERFAX – Deputy Chairman of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian society for the protection of Christians in the middle East and North Africa Elena Agapov sees hidden meaning in the news about the discovery of the untouched tomb of Saint Nicholas in Turkey.

“I think there is a political context,” said E. Agapov on Friday on the sidelines of the meeting of the Committee of representatives of Orthodox churches to the European Union.

She considers it accidental that the news came after the Pope and the Patriarch met in Havana and have agreed on the protection of Christians, after the relics of Saint Nicholas visited Russia, where they bowed to so many people.

According to E. Agapova, the news about allegedly discovered the “real” tomb of the Saint is “an attempt to introduce into the minds of many people doubts about the authenticity” of the events connected with the life and worship to Saint Nicholas.

In turn, the coordinator of the activities of centers for the study of Orthodox shrines of the Russian Orthodox University and St. Petersburg Metropolitan Mikhail Arteev expressed the view that “different fake news and relics” was designed and created to attract pilgrims.

“The Turks have many “light up” with ridiculous PR on the relics of St. Nicholas. I think this is another story. So far, no real news there, and there is simply nothing to discuss, so advertising is just noise. We are constantly faced with such, so all this talk I begin with the words “show documents”, “justify assertion”, – said Mikhail Arteev the correspondent of “Interfax-Religion”, stressing that “while talking completely about anything except Turkish hype”.