Egyptian mummy, which was long considered the singer who was castrated by the priest study Hermitage

Saint-Petersburg. 3 Oct. INTERFAX – Egyptian mummy, which was previously mistaken for a singer, in fact the priest and the chief porters of the Pharaoh on behalf of the PA-cache, head of the Department of Ancient Orient of the State Hermitage Museum Andrey Bolshakov at a press conference on Tuesday.

Experts presented the results of a comprehensive examination of the mummy of the middle of I Millennium BC from the Theban necropolis.

“If they do not repellent, the mummy (apparently – if) virtually indistinguishable from each other, and they are often confused – for example, when selling. – The Egyptian collection was originally in the Cabinet of curiosities (the modern library of the RAS – if) and got to the Hermitage after the revolution. Here there is a basic confusion: it’s good that we figured this out, but this should not surprise us much”, – said the expert.

A. Bolshakov noted that the collection of the Hermitage tries to find the mummy Babat. And the mummy of PA-the cache will have to move to another sarcophagus. The surprise was aroused by the fact that the PA-the cache has been neutered.

“The question of castration is really unexpected. He could be neutered in vivo with the aim to make him a eunuch, but it is not the Egyptian practice: we are aware of only one case of castration at a young age. It is theoretically possible removal of the testicles in the process of mummification, but it’s also unusual for Ancient Egypt. It’s not even uncommon, but rather the uniqueness,” said he.

The experts also drew attention to the good quality of teeth the deceased priest.

“In the presence of mummies 30 teeth with so many teeth this man was born. All of them were healthy – there was only natural erasing. Even in our time, a rare person can live up to 35-40 years and never “suffer” at the hands of dentists”, – said the head of the radiology Department of the clinical hospital. L. G. Sokolova, conducted research, V. Dean.