Today Ukraine is sidelined – expert

The situation with North Korea is now much more interested in the world than Ukraine, as it is a real threat. This broadcast “GS” said political scientist Ruslan Bortnik.

Elections in Donetsk and Lugansk regions is possible. This is necessary to allow the introduction of UN peacekeeping forces. So said the special representative of the US state Department on Ukraine by Kurt Walker.

The analyst voiced how much will it cost to UN peacekeepers in the Donbass

What is the probability that the issue of introduction of peacekeepers will be coordinated with the participation of the United States and Russia in the near future, the radio station voice of the capital has analyzed the political scientist, the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik.

“We are today a little on the second plan, despite the fact that the question is highly relevant, but since his decision is obvious — no, despite the urgency, we are now relegated to second place, because in Syria there is cooperation between the US and Russia is very complicated, conflicting, sometimes hostile, but cooperation. The situation with North Korea more interested in the world, because, really, North Korea threatens the world, and this is more important. We unfortunately, due to the fact that there was no prospect of a solution to this conflict, a bit in the shadows, Ukraine is not the main map”, — said Bortnik.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that he supports the idea of sending UN peacekeepers to Ukraine, but we can talk only about the function of ensuring the safety of OSCE personnel, peacekeepers must be on the boundary line and no other areas.