Putin chose Tesla carts and tanks

Russian President Vladimir Putin did not rule out that someday change will drive Elon musk. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

“Why not?” — said the head of state on the question.

In addition, as reported in Twitter of the Kremlin the journalist “Komsomol truth” Dmitry Smirnov, Putin assured that Russia will develop the production of electric vehicles. “You think we’re always on carts will go? Or on the tanks? Although the tanks have a good one,” he said.

Speaking at the plenary session of the forum “Russian energy week”, the President said that they bought the electric car definitely declare.

Putin admitted that he rode the electric car and appreciates this form of transport. “Our producers, who dream of the production of electric car, such I showed. I, of course, familiar with the American manufacturers, with the Asian, in particular Japanese. I drove all of these cars, who showed them to me, that is, gave a ride. I must say that I like these cars, especially the modern, they are torquey, nimble, fast, effective” — he said.

However, the environmental friendliness of electric vehicles is not certain, according to the President. “I repeat, for the cities is a very good form of transport, because there, where a large number of people, emissions do not need. But, in my opinion, in the end, today a more environmentally friendly fuel is a gas”, — he said.