In the Church called “Matilda” spent media with slag and think that now the society will impose the theme “Orthodox extremism”

Moscow. 6 Oct. INTERFAX – the Russian Orthodox Church believe that the debate about the fate of “Matilda” moving from the cultural to the political plane.

“We are now seeing a transition from the discussion about artistic freedom and censorship to the subject of the Christian equivalent of ISIS. The fate of the film and the Director does not interest them, this is waste, slag waste media,” – said in an interview to the portal “Interfax-Religion” the first Deputy head of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media, a member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Alexander Shchipkov.

In his opinion, those who are involved in unwinding of the topic, “are now already in the agenda of the January-March 2018”.

A. Shchipkov explained that the situation around the “Matilda” into the hands of those who want to undermine the consensus that had prevailed in Russian society in 2014 after the return of the Crimea, when the government has a powerful social base that “scared of our opponents.”

A. Shchipkov gave examples of stuffing information, which, in his opinion, this consensus has tried to undermine, namely, the theme of the renovation, the streets of Moscow minors, “Tannhauser”, pokémon – all sorts of attempts to “rock the boat because of “cultural” clash “topical” and “archaic”, which, however, failed.

“Matilda” on the view of A. Shipkova, is another such attempt.

“Today Russia is in a unique position in the religious and national levels, the situation is stable. Yes, never it’s completely smooth, but really the situation is very good. And this must be retained, it is impossible to shake. But just here and sent a new operation to create a fake “Orthodox fundamentalism”, which really just does not exist in nature”, – said the representative of the Church.

He expressed the opinion that the Russian protest-liberal circles – “wild shortage of stories of protest, a hunger,” so “they need help, they need a radical contractor.”

“However, due to the above-mentioned “Crimean consensus” does not exist. Does not exist, you need to create artificially in the media space that they are trying to do. So there is a dummy fundamentalism, which start talking about the real “agents of influence”: journalists, scientists, public men of all sorts”, – said Alexander Shchipkov.

In his opinion, when the topic “Matilda” in a couple of months runs out, the organizers of “boom” around the movie “in its place preparing a new anti-Christian agenda.”

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