Ilya Kiva: Kherson garment factory UTOG will get a new leader and new orders

2 October 2017 in Kherson took place the meeting of Chairman of the Ukrainian public organizations of disabled people (UTOG) Irina Cacinos with the staff of a local garment factory. This was possible only after intervention of the head of the Socialist party of Ukraine Ilya Kiva in a corruption scandal that erupted around the company.

On the eve of the letter with the requirement to intervene in the situation at the enterprise was transferred to the presidential Administration of Ukraine and the General Prosecutor’s office. In addition, factory workers, mostly people with disabilities and hearing, picketed the Central office of UTOG with a demand to dismiss the Director of the company Alla Kapustnikov and start an investigation regarding her corruption in office.

“The question is not only in the dismissal of the factory Director. It doesn’t matter who will occupy this position. Here, in Kherson, there is no war and people don’t have to cry. I am convinced that weak people with low morals categorically not be allowed power in any form,” – said during a meeting in Kherson Ilya Kiva.

The first victory was the removal Kapustnikov from office and appointment of the acting CEO to the Chairman of Kherson regional Union UTOG Gregory Fomin.

“This decision was the first significant victory for the factory team in the protection of their rights to adequate leadership with a “human face”,” – said Ilya Kiva.

In the near future the factory should conduct the audit, and subsequently on a competitive basis will be selected the new leadership based on the wishes of the workforce. In addition, Irina Chachina promised local workers good large order that will be reflected in their salaries.

Recall that on 26 September 2017, employees of a garment factory pack UTOG in Kherson announced to stop production and began an indefinite strike demanding to dismiss the Director of the factory Kapustnikov. They also appealed to the President of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General of Ukraine demanding a comprehensive investigation into corruption at the company and throughout the system UTOG.