The General strike in Catalonia: How is the mass protest against the police in the region

People in the morning are protesting near police stations and the headquarters of the popular Party in Barcelona, blocked traffic on more than 40 highways

In Catalonia held a General strike declared on the eve of the independence supporters in the region in protest against austerity measures controlled by the Madrid police the day of the referendum on 1 October. Online translation stroke of the protest events are La Vanguardia, El Pais, Directa etc.

According to the media, the General strike began on the night of 3 October.

By eight o’clock in Catalonia, protesters blocked 12 major highways.

As of 12:00 traffic is blocked on the 47 roads.

In addition, according to El Pais, four highways, there are large tube, three to work with minimal load.

In the cities in connection with the strike is the minimum passenger service only during peak hours (from 6:30 to 9:30 and from 17:00 to 20:00) to the metro, surface transport and rail.

Airports are operating normally.

It is reported that the General strike was supported by the largest ports of Catalonia in Barcelona and Tarragona.

Also today, protesting farmers and workers in the trade industry. In the retail sector provided only minimum services.

Closed educational institutions – from schools to universities.

At the same time, clarifies that the complex Seat in Martorell (Barcelona) and the Nissan plant in Barcelona’s free zone work.

As a General strike supported by the government of Catalonia, the people are not afraid to take to the streets, as they were promised that the cost of sanctions to this day for not going to work will not.

Más gente baja por la Via Laietana para unirse a la concentración delante de @policia .La calle llena desde St Pere + Baix hasta Urquinaona— Josep Catà (@jcatafiguls) 3 Zhovtnya 2017 R.

It is noted that in the morning thousands of Catalans protest near police stations.

On the eve of the protests took place near the hotels, where he settled came from different regions of the country to disrupt the referendum the police.

In addition, the people surrounded the headquarters of the popular party in Barcelona.

As well as focused at the school gates Ramon Llull – polling station, which suffered the most from police intervention.

Here, according to Directa, about half a million people.

Clam per la independència del Ramon Llull davant. Arriba Cada cop més gent #VagaGeneral3oct @La_Directa— Víctor Yustres (@victoryus3) 3 Zhovtnya 2017 R.

The strike is peaceful, no incidents were reported.

Recall that nearly 900 people were injured in clashes with police, defending October 1, the referendum on the independence of Catalonia. The results of the voting, the authorities of the Autonomous region said that it was not in vain, and promised on the basis of 90% of the vote, which advocated secession from Spain in the coming days to proclaim the independence of Catalonia. However, while the region recognizes neither the Madrid nor the European Union.