Groysman about the fire in Kalynivka: the Area that can get the debris from the explosions, equal to 5 km

“Now the military and the state emergency service are working to contain the fire as quickly as possible and to eliminate the explosions”, – the Prime Minister

The key objective of all services working in Kalinovka of Vinnytsia region, where the day before there was a major fire at the ammunition depot, is the security of citizens. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during the visit to Kalinovka.

“The main thing for us is to ensure the safety of citizens, therefore, were organized to evacuate from all the towns, which can be potentially hit by the shrapnel from the explosions of ammunition,” – said Groisman.

The Prime Minister also added that now the military and the state emergency service are working to contain the fire as quickly as possible and to eliminate the explosions that will give the opportunity to go inside and explore all the available fragments and go directly to the restoration of areas that were damaged, including blast waves.

“We overflew the area of the fire, she’s serious, but once again, all services work hard to ensure that the situation was localized and liquidated. We’ll do it. All services today will work as long as you need, 24 hours a day to quickly resolve emergency situations”, – said Groisman.

“So stay calm, take care of their own safety, which is very important. I want to assure you, – as soon as possible we will do to recover a normal life,” he added.

Also Groysman reminded that the posted items for the temporary stay of people evacuated from areas of possible defeat.

“The winery does not fall under the territory, which can get the debris from the explosions. This area is equal to somewhere in the 5 km evacuation got Kalynivka and the surrounding villages,” he commented.

Recall that on 26 September at about 22:00 in units of the SES received information about the explosions of ammunition in military warehouses of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, located near the village of Kalinovka of Vinnytsia region. To extinguish the fire from a military unit involved 2 fire tank, and the place of the accident unit of the State emergency service (SES).

On the causes of fire in warehouses of ammunition in Kalynivka at the moment, also too early. Local residents reported that the city power failures.

The entrances to the village blocked, the police ensures the safety of the property leaving the city local residents from looters. Blocked traffic on the highway Vinnytsia-Kyiv and Zhytomyr-Mogilev-Podolsky.

ULTRASOUND also decides on the direction to a scene the fire train ready and train for evacuation. It is known that burns and explodes at 48 Arsenal – the basis of storage of ammunition APU in the Vinnytsia region, a few kilometers from the city of Kalinovka. According to the data available in open sources, the Arsenal is stored 188 thousand tons of ammunition. The Arsenal area of about 60 hectares.

As of 6 o’clock Wednesday morning in kalynivskyi district evacuated 28.3 thousand people, of whom evacuated their own transport 20 thousand people, of teams of evacuation centres is 8.3 thousand persons, among victims – one woman.