The first investigator of the Royal family there was no evidence that the dead bodies are burned – grandson friend of the investigator Sokolov

Moscow. 3 Oct. INTERFAX – the First investigator in the murder of the Royal family Nikolai Sokolov had no grounds to claim that the bodies of members of the Royal family burned.

“Sokolov had no solid evidence that all burned,” said Peter Sarandinaki, the great-grandson of each investigator N. Sokolov, General Sergei Rozanov, in an interview published on the website of Sretensky monastery.

P. Sarandinaki – organizer of several expeditions conducted excavations in places of burial of the Imperial remains, all surveys he spends his own money.

He said that he found the alleged torture of the bodies: “we began to dig and under the clay found traces of a fire, even found a bottle that had cracked from the heat”.

“We think we’ve started to burn out there of the Emperor, Alexei and Maria, but not all, and had continued to burn in Porosencova the Log”, he continued.

According to the narrator “began to burn near the Ganya’s Pit, there were three fire to burn the clothes and disposing of the bodies, but the right person – you probably know the story – which was supposed to lead the destruction of the bodies, fell off a horse and seriously injured his leg.”

“Then the case was forced to take Peter Ermakov. But he failed to do so,” concluded P. Sarandinaki.