Instagram photos of the child scammer banned


A woman who stole baby photos from Instagram and claimed they were sick or died in the attempt to obtain the money is prohibited from social media.

Kati Ringtone, 21, has claimed the images, copied from the accounts belonging to two unsuspecting mothers, it was her.

When challenged by his victims, Ringtone became abusive and threatening, Norwich Magistrates’ Court heard.

Ringer, Soleme Road, Norwich, admitted two malicious communications offences.

The Ringer was caught after the police traced his IP address to a computer at his mother’s house.
Suspended sentence

She was sentenced to a two-year criminal behaviour order which prohibits the use of any social media accounts, passing to any other photos of the person own or ask others for a donation if not as a form of volunteer work for a charity.

Ringer was given a prison term of 30 weeks, suspended for two years, and ordered to pay £225 costs.


Jane Walker, prosecuting, said Ringer had appointed two women, copy of photos of their children from their Instagram accounts, and republishing them on her own “, saying that it was his child, the child was dead and trying to get the money.”

He said when challenged by the first victim, Ringtone “became threatening to her and made threats of rape and harm the child.”

The court has heard the Ringtone sent the mother “laugh in face” emoji on Instagram, then an additional message that says, “I have already posted the photos saying that she is dead, I’ve got £600 so far.”

When the victim has accused the Ring of being jealous, Ms Walker said, the defendant responded: “Jealous of a disgusting little forced, that would have been drowned at birth.”

Ringtone targeted the second victim using the images of her prematurely-born daughter.

“The victim challenged the suspect and asked to stop using the images,” said Ms Walker.

“It was then that she said she would find out where the victim lived and the kidnapping and rape of his daughter.

“It was the image of the victim of the child reporting to the people that the child is premature, that he was seriously ill, struggling to pay for his treatment and funeral.”

Ian Fisher, mitigating, said Ring pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and a number of events in his life had contributed to her “, devoid of any ability to understand”.

He said that the offences: “are made possible by the advent of a beautiful complex of social media on the internet, and the defendant set on something that there is no normal decent human being.”