Every wealthy Ukrainians have to believe not the country, and the state

The chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios in interview to the program “Gordon” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine” said about who is to blame for the annexation of Crimea, as military personnel and weapons of the Russian Federation located in the Donbass, and also what the loss of Ukraine because of the fire in military warehouses in Kalinovka

Gordon: “Gordon”, and my guest today the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios. Good evening, Anatoly Vasilyevich. I just saw that you have a gun. Why is it you?

Matios: I am a soldier again. The time is now very dynamic – very carefully. I believe in the principle that every Ukrainian must have a weapon and be able in case of troubled times to save or protect his life. And the weapons I designed, because I soldier: it’s my sidearm, I have the right to carry, storage and use.

– You had to use weapons?

Only in the dash or on the range.

– Was in-a-lifetime moments when I wanted to apply?

I’m not a Ranger, not special forces. I’m only for those provisions which delegate to the state law enforcement agencies. But I have to use them, given the very uncertain times.

– Is a war crime surrender of Crimea without firing a shot, in your opinion?

– You asked the question incorrectly because they do not “without a shot” – there is and dead Ukrainians. The surrender of the Crimea occurred as a result of direct aggression of “little green men” with “px” on the territory of a sovereign country, thanks to the extended provisions of the Kharkiv agreements and the term. I have the official findings of the investigation conducted by the military Prosecutor’s office: “the reason for the occupation of the Crimea became the President of Ukraine Yanukovych, 22.02, he withdrew from performing the constitutional powers and has committed treason. Improper (or rather criminal) omission in the assessment of military-political and military-strategic situation around Ukraine, 2010-2013 and in early 2014”. We got found in the secret archives of the AP documents many law enforcement agencies and special services of Ukraine, analytical centers, where resounded a warning and justified the actions, deeds, preparation of some actions by Russia. Directly the Crimea is high treason certain persons from among the leadership of the state, Yanukovych and individual commanders of the armed forces. We all remember the appointment of Admiral Berezovsky, ilina – they are all betrayed. On the second day after the appointment they sided with Russian invaders.

That is, Ukraine was not able to defend themselves in Crimea?

– Most importantly – critically low level of combat readiness and combat capability of the APU, despite the fact that in the Crimea was concentrated one of the most powerful in the number of military contingents and groups at that time. But many changes are very subtle things, such as extraterritorial and territorial approaches to the formation of military units has led to the fact that the bulk of those who served in the Crimea, were immigrants or the natives of the Crimea. We can draw an analogy with the present day: we see what a nation, self-determination, can understand the mentality of the people, blinded by some idea, based solely on one economic or political interests. Political or economic interests of the elites, or the illusion of these interests on the part of a population.

The son of Nikita Khrushchev, who “gave” Crimea to Ukraine…

– Khrushchev gave the Crimea. Khrushchev gave the wasteland of post-war Crimea where Yalta was renovated in connection with the Yalta conference. Dry (not the South coast, looted and destroyed upon returning during hostilities) the territory of which it was impossible to raise the Union. It dropped to the Ukraine, it was not a gift – it was a load. With this burden in Ukraine managed and made a blooming garden.

– His son, Sergei Khrushchev, who lives in the US, and many of my friends in Russia say that if Ukraine is Russian troops, why we’re not detained, not imprisoned, not put on trial, do not demonstrate that to the world. Are there Russian troops in Donbass?

– On the temporarily occupied territory, part of the so-called ORDO, at this point is a total of military power and military force, which is equal to almost all the countries of NATO Europe. I call the numbers, they proved the results of the investigation to the military Prosecutor’s office. Tanks – 650 pieces, armoured combat vehicles – 1310 pieces, artillery of various calibers, including heavy, which is banned by the Minsk agreements – almost 500. Reactive systems of volley fire – almost 260, anti-aircraft missile complexes up to 100 units. It’s all Russian. Russia is currently in the Donbas in the amount of nearly 3,000 people, consisting of two battalion tactical groups and one company tactical groups armed with, except that I called, nearly 200 tanks, 400 armored combat vehicles, 140 artillery pieces and the newest samples of rocket complexes. One of these groups – the 333rd airborne regiment of the 98th airborne brigade with permanent place of deployment in Ivanovo, the Russian Federation, but is now in the city of Donetsk. Second – the 20th independent motorized rifle brigade of the 49th army with the permanent place of deployment the city of Stavropol, the southern military district. And now she is stationed in the city of Snow. Company tactical group – city of Novorossiysk airborne assault brigade is now in Luhansk. In addition, the 155th naval infantry brigade with the location in the city of Vladivostok, 61st marine brigade from Sputnik, Murmansk region, a group of Wagner. Total of all troops and all military personnel are about 11 000 people. The first military corps, which is located in the city of Donetsk has a number of 5 teams, 3 separate regiments, 8 battalions, 2 independent companies, 5 battalions of territorial defense – more than 18 000 people. Is armed with nearly 350 tanks, 600 armored combat vehicles, 250 guns, 30 jet systems of volley fire. The second army corps with deployment in Lugansk – 4 teams, 2 separate regiment, 6 separate battalions 8 battalions of territorial defense, 2 of the separate company, 155 tanks, 300 armored combat vehicles, 110 guns, 40 rocket systems of volley fire. These formations, army corps, subordinate to the southern command of the Russian Federation in the Krasnodar region. The President showed passports and military tickets, but the Russians now have become smarter: they issued the document “LNR-DNR” to its military, but at the moment, the military Prosecutor’s office have already been convicted in absentia by 89 people. Including 49 citizens of the Russian Federation who have been already sentenced. These sentences are known. Three military personnel of the armed forces convicted, held a full trial in Ukraine and not challenged on appeal their sentences. The scale of stay and dislocation Erofeev, Alexander and Starkova to the place where they were found and captured, tens and hundreds km. Question: we are already in Russia or Russia we don’t have? Russia was, is now appearing in Europe. But it’s our job not to repeat the mistakes of Georgia, which began to document the aggression against his country to be a huge mistake. And only after 8 years, international institutions have taken the original documents of Georgia for consideration of the question of whether military aggression.

– Who exactly, in your opinion, responsible for the Ilovaisk tragedy?

– The totality of all that comprises almost 400 volumes of the criminal proceedings, does not give such a direct answer. Speaking indirectly political category, it is solely to blame Russia. But we have in absentia brought to justice specific Russian soldiers, including senior management: Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, his two deputies, chief of the General staff Gerasimov, who was the ideologist of a hybrid war, as well as a list of generals and admirals of the Russian Federation.

– From our military officials, the most high, who exactly is to blame for the Ilovaisk tragedy?

– We have public pain, public inquiry to determine the culprit for what happened. What happened? A successful offensive until mid-August on the territory of Luhansk and Donetsk regions, where freed many of the settlements would lead to a complete transport blockade by unprotected border in the Donetsk and Lugansk. And this, in turn, would lead to a complete paralysis of supply in the “Voentorg” if it hadn’t been entering nearly 14,000 Russian servicemen, personnel of the armed forces. Was hoping whether someone in the Ukraine on the line, in fact, military aggression? No, despite certain individual intelligence. If there was no time – there would be no tragedy. The environment is the result of superior forces of the Russians against 1,000 representatives dobrobatov led to the tragedy.

Is it true that in the area ATO is a terrible smuggling?

– Such figures as “terrible,” no. Since the end of last year and already this year, this phenomenon is not systematic after the relevant decisions and resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, regulating the law and procedure of crossing of certain groups of goods. War is war, and the consequences of war. There is a deficit, Russia cannot supply all. Was abuse – we condemned the military, they have received real terms.

– Many crimes are committed in the area of ATO Ukrainian military? What kind of crimes?

– Such cases were: they were recorded in the 14-th year. Over the past year two cases of so-called looting, this year – one case. People installed, arrested. For military personnel – now arrested and are in custody 152 military APU. They are arrested for committing grave and especially grave crimes: murder, grievous bodily injury. The problem of rape between soldiers and the local population no. Works office, works military service of law and order. Here we put things in order.

– And the guys in the ATO drink a lot?

– The guys in the ATO drink, like all civil. And the military, a lot or not much – it depends entirely on the commander and his ability to use that resource which he has. Gave changes in legislation, which allowed to reduce the bonuses, wages, allowed to penalize, and the emergence of the guardhouse. The lion’s share of serious crimes were committed in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

– What happens to the soldiers of the volunteer company “Tornado”? They really to blame?

– Volunteer company was not – was a special purpose company of militia. They have the sentence of the court, which is now challenged. Held more than 100 meetings of the Obolonsky court: it’s 12 defendants, each for 2 or more attorneys, at a closed meeting, victims learned and fully confirmed the testimony of a pretrial investigation. It is an encroachment on sexual inviolability of the person, crimes, human dignity, bodily injury, torture. Behind these dry statements are inhuman acts of people who wore shoulder straps and had indirect authority over the civilian population. We all were able to investigate as many of the victims did not want to talk about the events that were. We have not established before the end of the whereabouts of the people missing. “Tornadovtsa” appealed the value of its punishment, and the attorney wrote the appeal the leniency of the punishment.

Is it true that you were arrested, “tornadovtsev” personally?

– Not exactly arrest all the court. I called the Muscovite, who was Chairman of the military-civil administration, and said that he can’t cope – there will be a riot, because here is full of terror. Asked to come and celebrate the the jurisdiction. I arrived, we gathered all the materials and had to carry out military Prosecutor’s operation for their detention. In order to avoid the shooting, I had to negotiate with the leader of this company. We stood for hours in open areas. Comfort to stand in the sight of the hour and think about how to stir up the situation, not to bring her before the shooting, I felt a little. We have done our job honestly.

Recently the tragedy occurred in warehouses in Kalinovka. What happened there?

– At the end we have a terrible undermining the defense due to the loss of large amounts of ammunition. One missile “Grad” and “Smerch”, which were there, is 8-12 thousand dollars. for the price in the foreign markets. Plus, to recover this stock on production, we have been about 5 years, but we are not made. At the moment we have not received data on the drones, subversive group, or other extraneous factors. The attorney General said we need to explore all possible and impossible things, including the possibility of detonation of ammunition. But we already had four cases. We wrote so many letters to the defense Ministry, national security Council, Prime Minister, commander-in-chief. They all go to the performers. And by the safety and security of warehouses is exclusively the General warehouse. The savings on the salary of the militarized protection: it is 4,000 hryvnia per month. Such salary will go only pensioners with a clearly “Falcon” vision. But during the war things had to change, and to ensure the protection of the military. All technical security equipment there was outdated: alarm 1987 installation. At the moment there are 50 investigators and 50 public prosecutors of military Prosecutor’s office, trying to find the cause.

– The guilty will be punished?

This is a direct requirement of the law. They should be installed. We consider four versions. Negligence on the consequences and causes is commensurate with the diversion. Negligence is also one of the factors of sabotage.

If this tragedy happened somewhere abroad, then the Minister of defense and chief of General staff would have left already with their posts?

I don’t know their laws, and human motives can be in social networks. But if you have installed official inaction, the failure of those or other things, despite the names my hand will not tremble to take responsibility and sign the relevant suspicion. Save on 17 the people of protection has already resulted in the Cabinet 100 million to restore 16 completely destroyed and 2,000 damaged houses, plus a refund. And most importantly, that it is impossible to recover the ammunition.

– Whether the term “ATO” forget the war be called a war?

– If I answer this question, I turn to the political plane. I – right-the Keeper of executing the law. If BP adopts this law we will comply with it, this is a war with all the consequences. The world are not wars. There are hybrid conflicts. The UN said this and recognized that we have a hybrid conflict, on the basis of materials of the Ukrainian military Prosecutor’s office.

– When will this hybrid conflict?

– As soon as Russia will completely exhaust their resources. Then she will be forced to move from Minsk format to the channel or overseas. Without financial lubrication of social, human, resources, fuel and ammunition from the Russian Federation that can’t happen.

– Why the head of the Department of special investigation GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk said, “Anatoly Matios like a failure in the investigation in the case of the Maidan”?

– I can’t comment on the psychological state of my, unknown to me because of its bezdeystvuete colleagues, but his right to speak. I do the work – he says. Results we can compare. I can say that the inaction of the so-called investigative cases of the Maidan Klimenko three years used property, we arrested him just this year. We had to do the work of the Gorbatyuk. Thousands of cars brings almost 500 thousand dollars. on a monthly basis. 77 luxury apartments on Pechersk where poor people live, from 1,5-2 thousand dollars. per month. It is the answer Gorbatyuk.

– Klimenko, as you see, brought in offshore us $ 12 billion. And how Yanukovych led in the offshore?

– Let’s make a catalogue of these successful quasicrystal in exile, called for foreign troops here. If Klimenko one, then count how many of them were. To all to investigate up to every penny, it takes years. But we orientirueshsya that the total for this entire period, 4 years, all this family-business and non-Ukrainian company stole the annual Ukrainian budget. In UAH at the rate of 8. Moreover, Klimenko the money was returned to Ukraine, and now the National Agency for the management of the assets put up for sale three floor “Gulliver”. What will Klimenko? And that once again I will say Gorbatyuk? I think they will call, and one says: “You’re flawed”. The second says, “I lost.”

– Why is the protection of Yanukovych wants to interview you?

– I have the impression that the protection of Yanukovych does not want their client received a sentence of the Ukrainian court.

– You called Leshchenko and Nayem “political flea”. Why?

– I have done this on his page in Facebook. And this is the territory of freedom. I don’t claim it as official. “Political flea” having ambitions anymore to eat or parasitize on whose body they jump. We see this in Europe. We see today Catalonia – there is a “political flea”. By and large, do not want to say anything about Leshchenko, neither of Niemi. They were insolvent to do something, and continue to be in verbal diarrhea. Map of the world cracking at the seams: Spain, Syria, East Asia, etc.

– NABOO – American project?

I’m not ready to answer this question. Will call tomorrow to the US Ambassador in Ukraine G. Jovanovic – be sure to ask. Sure she probably knows.

– NABU need?

– Ukraine needs all that it can lead to miracle Lee Kuan yew. He’s all of 20 years lost his quasipositive and those “political fleas.” He created a state Corporation, where everyone got a contribution to this Corporation in the form of minority of any benefits. And that’s all.

– What are your relations with the NABOO?

I have no relations with the NABOO. If they have questions and need to talk, I communicate.

You offer bribes?

– Due to various life circumstances, I have everything. My wife for 25 years raises the bread, I get a decent salary. I have a favorite job, is an extremely powerful attention of the media and other circles to my person.

That is, there is no bribe that would have you tempted?

I have no temptation.

– A suggested?

I can’t offer a bribe. When my assistants came in to offer a bribe, did we get them right in the next room. For closure of criminal proceedings was offered 25 thousand dollars. Here was arrested by my assistant applicant – a case in court.

– You are a rich man, and it was good.

– I’m for that wealthy was a Ukrainian. It is, indeed, to some extent wealthy. But under the mattress, in a jar, as a judge of the Chaus, or somewhere else. Every Ukrainian has a margin of safety. The question that every wealthy Ukrainians should not believe the country and state. The state is the personification of the country. But the Ukrainian never want to believe he wants to have a little farm, and that he was better than his neighbor. And our state is just beginning to build. We had a country that we inherited from the Soviet Union, and we do disappoint – the Budapest Memorandum of evidence.

– Do you think that the Declaration of military prosecutors need to classify. Why?

I don’t think so. I took a procedural decision in respect of 77 military prosecutors of the 700. These are the people that directly investigate Shoigu, Berezovsky, etc., When from registers to set even families, is security?

– Is it true that the President you not stand?

For me, the President – Director. He is the Supreme commander in chief, and I was in the military. I do not have friendly relations with the President. I have a normal, smooth relationship.

– You shut him down sometime when he I asked?

– The President as the person may not have anything to ask – where is he, where am I? I’m doing work on the cleansing of the abscess of society engaged in law enforcement, and he is involved in politics. I spoke in one case at a meeting with the Supreme commander, I have a different opinion.

– What’s your relationship with Yuri Lutsenko?

Leshchenko said that I was settled in the minds of Lutsenko. I have a book where Lutsenko wrote in prison: “to a Colleague, friend, friend, fighter”.

– What are your personal political ambitions?

– Go to the polls as a simple citizen, to exercise their will. If I had political ambitions, I would say not so arrogant tone, and would speak of as “forks” or SPU. I have no political ambitions.

– You still want to become Chairman of the State Bureau of investigation?

– I have ambition to become one. I know how to do it, you know, and it is ambition of any normal person is to create from scratch something. If you choose the Commission, I think I get it.

– If tomorrow was the presidential election, for whom would you vote?

– For Ukraine. I don’t think about what is not now. I will decide depending on the objective circumstances, which will be at the time. Now I’m not worried about the political rainbow, or kaleidoscope, or madhouse, which is in Ukraine.

– Your older sister, beautiful Ukrainian writer Maria Matios, somehow affects you?

– Yes, since childhood. Advised. But after my father died, it so happened that I – endpoint in decision-making for the family.

– What are you reading now?

– I read about today’s Ukraine in the memoirs of Churchill. Spain, Franco-Caudillo, 37 to 39 years. Then 40 years of the formation of Spain. The formation of the current monarch Juan Carlos, who came democratically and could not overcome the political ambitions of “political flea” become a state within a state, nation to nation. Thank God that there are smart enough not to go to violence. The government should protect itself, the police officer shall have the right, as a law-abiding citizen must observe the law.

– What do you see the movie?

– Very fond of Thomas hardy, reviewed the “Game of thrones”, “house of cards”. And now look at night retrospective of the films of woody Allen.

The only hobby is playing chess. You play speed chess with partners from all over the world, thanks to the app on the phone. What your chess successes?

– The knowledge that you need to try to make them better. When you’re distracted, you lose peripheral vision and rapid chess is peripheral vision, you see all around.

– Who are the politicians you’ve played?

I’m playing with friends. Politicians do not have the opportunity to play chess: they’re playing live chess.

– Do you want to play with some of the Champions of the world?

– I want to play with my daughter that I teach.

– You have a lot of tattoos. What are they?

– Not a lot. One big. Called “Owl”. That’s what I wanted. Any law enforcement must do their job for society, invisible, silent, efficient. Owl does it in the night. We must also do to the society was not perturbed.

Assassination attempt on you was?

– I will not comment on it.

For your life are you afraid of?

Yes. I try to live, so I didn’t answer in life is worse than death.

– Those who want to punish you, much?

– I clearly believe – and the experience of my career line shows – I’m more of a plus than a minus. I know that criticism of me is, there is a misunderstanding. We have the bifurcation, we must reach the point of catharsis, of purification point, and then happiness will come.

– Ukraine will be all right?

– Ukraine will be exactly as you want Ukrainian. Ukrainians feel themselves as a single nation, will save Ukraine. If he feels “Gulyaypole”, then nothing will help us.

– Thank you.