Argos sorry for the “3 for 2′ toy confusion


Argos has apologised for the confusion on the price of the toys included in a “3 for 2”.

The customers accused the company of pushing the prices upward, as soon as the offer had been made.

But Argos said that the toys in question had already been sold for promotional prices and had now returned to their normal price.

He said that he had not marked it is clear that some of his toys were on the promotion “due to a technical problem”.

Cora Harrison has written a post about the case on his Facebook page, which went viral.

She said: “some friends don’t believe that I was getting a good deal, so I added some different items to my shopping cart.

“When I got to the checkout the next day (when the 3 for 2 had gone live) all the prices had changed.”You may also like:

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Ashley Muir has said on Twitter that a point was marked at £29.99 and in-store the next day, it was up to £45.

The end of the Twitter post by @BobLaKelly1984

The company said: “Before this, [our 3 for 2 deal] launched, we ran a promotion on a limited number of toys which do not clearly mark it as a promotion due to a technical problem.

“These toys are now returned to their level of prices and are included in our 3 for 2 promotion.

“We are sorry for the confusion this has caused.”