Treaty on the transfer of the Church of St. Sampson Cathedral is not yet approved by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation – the control and accounts chamber of St. Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg. 2 Oct. INTERFAX – the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation has still not approved the agreement on the transfer of Museum valuables Sampson Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church, established the Control and audit chamber (KSP) Petersburg.

A copy of the letter of the PSC to the auditor of the Russian audit chamber Alexander Filipenko and the President of the Commission of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg on education, culture and science Maxim Reznik is at the disposal of “Interfax”.

In a letter to the PSC reported that the order of city Committee of property relations (CROS) from 26 June 2016, it was determined to withdraw from operational use of the state Museum “St. Isaac’s Cathedral” the complex of buildings and premises St. Sampson’s Cathedral, and pass them to the free use of the St. Petersburg diocese for a period of 49 years.

Legal transfer of the Cathedral in accordance with the decree KIO comes after the conclusion of the agreement for Museum objects between Museum and monument and the diocese, the approval of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and provide to the Committee, the letter of KSP.

However, the report said, in KSP was presented the contracts for Museum exhibits, concluded between the Museum and monument and parish of St. Sampson Cathedral (not the diocese – if), which is a legal entity with its separate property and not liable for the obligations of the diocese. The diocese is also not responsible for financial obligations of the Cathedral.

“The contract for the value of museums owned by the St. Petersburg, concluded between GMP and parish of St. Sampson Cathedral, approved by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation”, – said in the letter.

In KSP add that a comprehensive inspection of legality of the transfer of Museum valuables to the parish of St. Sampson Cathedral in 2017 is not planned.

Meanwhile, as reported on Monday, “Kommersant”, the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Mikhail Mokretsov, commenting on the letter of the UGC found no violations in the transfer of Sampsonievsky Cathedral. According to him, the newspaper notes, the parish of the Cathedral in accordance with the Charter of the diocese is its “canonical unit”.

As reported, the St. Sampson Cathedral, which was part of the GMP St Isaac’s Cathedral, was transferred to the Church in February.

Sampson the Church was founded by Peter I in 1709 in gratitude for the heavenly patronage shown to the Russian troops in the battle of Poltava, which occurred on 27 June (10 July), the day of memory of Saint venerable Samson’s of strannopriimtsa.

The temple was repeatedly rebuilt. A final view of the unique architectural ensemble acquired for the 200th anniversary of the Poltava battle in 1909, the same Church was given the status of Cathedral.

In the early Soviet years, the Cathedral was transferred to the management of the so-called “Church twenty” and remained in force until 1938. In 1935 the Church was taken under state protection as a monument of history and culture. After the cessation of worship, the Cathedral was leased to the State Hermitage. During the war the Cathedral was severely damaged.

After 1947 the Church building was used by the library of the Academy of Sciences and from 1951 – wholesale-retail base of main Department store as a warehouse. Since 1972, the Cathedral was run by the State memorial Museum of A. V. Suvorov, began to develop plans for the restoration, but funds for their implementation are not enough.

In 1984, the building was transferred to the GMF St Isaac’s Cathedral. Since may 2002 in the Museum-the monument was reopened for worship. Large-scale restoration of the Cathedral was completed in 2009.