Nissan Leaf Nismo confirmed for 2018, with the new concept of the reveal

The new Nissan Leaf will be offered in the Nismo form of appeal and attract younger buyers, the brand has confirmed its Nissan’s Futures event.

An image of the Leaf Nismo Concept, which involves the final design, the exhibition which will be characterized by more aggressive bumpers, deeper side skirts and unique wheels.

The revelation comes weeks after the design chief Alfonso Albaisa told Autocar that the addition of a “genuine version Nismo trim might help the second generation of the hatch to reach image-conscious buyers, something his predecessor struggled to do.

“The previous Leaf design was not popular with the majority of the people, so that his gaze could not contribute to sales,” he said. “The new car is lower, wider and more sporty, with the point of this project to have a greater accessibility of the market.”

Albaisa said that it would be easy to develop Nismo parts for the new Leaf. This practice is not new to Nissan because it offers the Nismo trim on several models, including the Juke.

A warm Leaf of E-Plus is also due in 2019. Will have a greater battery capacity and a more rigid structure. A Nismo pack could make such a model constitutes a performance variant.

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